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Kindness 2017 Contest

2017 Kindness Contest
(Dec. 15, 2016 - Mar. 5, 2017)
Many poems are linked below - Cover art by Lauri Burke
 Kindness Newsletter Header Little Mysteries of Being
2nd Annual OPP Kindness Contest Results
1st Place:  I hear her voice calling by Daun Daemon

2nd Place:  Hands by Frank Dullaghan
3rd Place:  A Kindness Bestowed by Lynne Burnett

Honorable Mentions:
Hospital Sounds by Joyce Schmid
Heroics by Maryanne Hannan

Editor's Appreciation:
Don’t be sad, Chrysostom by Dmitry Blizniuk
(translated from Russian by Sergey Gerasimov)

New this year:
Pixie/Wendy Selection for poem of Creaturely Appreciation
Morning Traffic by William Masters
 The Finalists:

Kisses Not Snow by Judith Ellen Sanders * Indian Blanket Toss by Marilyn Sequoia *Grace by Karen Haskell

Grocery Boy by Lynne Burnett -  Missing You by Eva Schlesinger
Tenderly by Christina Sng  - Kindness by Design by Brandon Marlon * Forgiveness - Eileen Mattmann

bird banding - Bill Sullivan * Invitation to a Kindness Conspiracy by Wilda Morris

Journey by J V Birch * Daydreaming by Soo Young Yun
Her Telephone Call by Carl "Papa" Palmer * Comfort Dog by Deidra Lyngard

The Nurse on the Bus by Wilda Morris  * Kindness: A Haiku Cycle by SuzAnne Cole
Flash-Flood by Martin Willits, Jr.

Also in this collection:

A Random Act, A Most Welcome Gift - Nina Sudhakar * A World I Would Love - Ashley Phimphanh

Be Kind to One Another - Patricia McAlpine * Ron Yazinski - Chua Bo An * Claws and Wings - Clint King

Dancer - Mary Wehner* Dealing with the World - Lawrence J. Krips* Emily's Message - Laurie Kolp                      

Grateful - Mark Danowsky * Harriet - James Penha * If Kindness were a Shoe - Nancy Jasper

If Life is a Country Road - Austin Davis * Jerome Gagnon - Meeting in the Field         

Julia Meylor Simpson - A blessed long life in a small town *  Kindness - David Miller         

Kindness - Do Not Devalue Anyone- Lilly White * Kindness, did you say? - Juliana Anderson

Lenore at Last - Julie Wenglinski * more light than dark - Linda M. Crate *Number 2 Bus - David Olsen                

Other - Wayne-Daniel Berard * Pillows - Mary K. O'Melveny * Raw Absolutes - Matthew James Friday

Running Log Entry - Dennis Trujillo * Second String Roses - Barbara Boothe Loyd

Self-Acceptance - m.nicole. r.wildhood * Somewhere on Earth - Wasan Qasim

The Everyday Stuff - Sam Barbee * The Farmer’s Steady Hands - Peg Quinn

The Jehovah’s Lady - Janis Haag * The Karma of Kindness - Helen BurkeTo Spice:­­ - Mary Wlodarski                

The Kindness of Strangers - Bill Carpenter * The Nice Man - Mary S. Taylor * Tuyo - Kate O’Kula

Universal Order, Alicia Cole * Visits with Florence - Carol DeCanio

Why he’d keep the fish alive - Armin Tolentino

Thanks to all who submitted - We received over 300 entries
Kindness 2017 2 sided Cover
Winning poets received a copy of the Anthology (62 poems)
* All anthology poets were sent a special link for 'editor's courtesy' purchases * 


Thank you to everyone who submitted their poetry. 
All submissions came with Kindness and we are better for them.

The Editors

Kindness Contest 2016

2016 Kindness Contest
(Open from Dec. 15, 2015 - Mar. 31, 2016)
The Winning Poems
& their Poets
Click on above covers for the single-page Origami micro-chapbooks (PDF)

Winning Poems

Honorable Mentions
Editors Appreciation

{mooblock=Angel of Kindness}

It never rains in
Southern California—
but man, it pours.
I’m at the toy store
when a curtain of water
hits, laced with hail.
No other shoppers,
so the clerk and I go
under the awning
to watch. We laugh
and laugh, there’s
nothing else to do.
Back inside, he leans
on the counter, says,
It used to rain like this
in Vietnam—two or
three times a day.
You couldn’t tell
which way the bullets
were coming from.

We are quiet.
You never got dry,
then, I say. No, and
it got so you didn’t
care anymore.

For a moment
he’s far gone,
down a dark road—
but he comes to,
resuming his life
as an angel of kindness.
He hands a balloon
to a crying baby,
and finds a reversible
doll for my niece’s
birthday—Peter Pan
and Captain Hook,
two sides of the coin
that was wagered
in his name.

Cynthia Anderson © 2016

Winner, First Place
Origami Poems Kindness Contest 2016


{mooblock=Faith in Us}

Sometimes I choose
a spot on a quiet page
and write down
something unusual
such as the story of
how everyone
on a street
in Chinatown
walked carefully
while a woman chased
hundreds of tiny turtles
after they got loose
from a tank
in her market stall.
Not one turtle
was harmed.
And this mercy
lifts my spirits,
reminds me that
acts of kindness
appear like moths
circling our porch lights
drawn to the light.

Jeffrey Johannes © 2016
Winner, Second Place
Origami Poems Kindness Contest 2016


{mooblock=The Difference Kindness Makes}

If my father was alive
I would take you to meet him
in our humble abode in El Monte
He’d be sitting in a sofa  
a stack of newspapers on his lap  
He’d be looking up behind
thick myopic lenses
his eyes wide and good humored
He would nod his head and smile at you
Not scowl at you like my sister does

If my father was alive
you and I might be cruising down
the highway with the windows down
the soft afternoon breeze
would brush against our faces
as we head to a Chinese buffet restaurant
where we can eat fish fillet and sushi

If my father was alive
I may not have a nice car
or more money for clothes
but I might be slightly happier
for he would nod his head and smile at you
Instead of scowling at you like my sister does

Jackie Chou © 2016

Winner, Third Place
Origami Poems Kindness Contest 2016





Outside a restaurant in Chivay, Peru
the short-haired yellow dog
gazes furtively up at you
and away,
brings her head and brown eyes
down shyly, yet hopefully.

Hola, perro, you say.
Orbs raise, blink.
Tail wags, thumping the stucco wall
where you lean.
Oh, you’re a good dog.
You’re such a good dog. 

She sits, raises her paw,
presses your leg with kindness in return.

Confirming friendship,
she lays down, rests her chin
on your shoe,
content to be near you and rest.

Marilyn Zelke-Windau © 2016

Honorable Mention
Origami Poems Kindness Contest 2016


{mooblock=Saint of the Day}

In class she knits prayer shawls.
Smooth yarn rolls between her fingers
like rosary beads. Each stitch
a wish for recovery from sickness
heartache, addiction. By noon

she is halfway there. The instructor
frowns at her, blind to the work
of her soul.

Jan Chronister © 2016
Honorable Mention
Origami Poems Kindness Contest 2016



I was also a child.
And also had one,
and another a year after,
and another,
and could not touch

even one.
Had I been born into a kinder
world, my milk would have been
for them. No one would have pulled
my children from my body

to crates, their lungs
full of loss.
Had I lived in a kind world,
long stretches of me
would have weaved
in the stretches of the world,

my natural-born children
taking in the milk I created
for them, not for a trade
of strangers,
and my life would have been mine
and theirs
as long as my body wanted life.
Child, put your head where our kind
is never allowed: at my flank,
at the great spill of me. Smell me
from your bent neck.

Gretchen Primack © 2016

Editor’s Appreciation
Origami Poems Kindness Contest 2016



We've published an anthology of 41 selected poems (see below of list of participants):

The Best of Kindness is available for $9.50 + S&H on Amazon.
Cover image by poet/artist, Lauri Burke, "Rainy Cherry Blossoms"
Alphabetical List of Poems & their Poets in this Anthology:
All I have - Carol Ayer *  Angel of Kindness – Cynthia Anderson  *  Arms Wide Open – Bill Carpenter *
Bedtime – Helen D’Ordine * Camellias – Sandra Anfang  *  Content – Marilyn Zelke-Windau  * 
Dogs and Cats and Places – Frank Beltrano * Duplexity –  Tammi Truax  *  Errand  – Joely Johnson Mork *
Every Moment Passes And Every Moment Stays Still – Martin Willitts Jr. * Faith in Us  – Jeffrey Johannes  *
February – Marguerite Keil Flanders * Hearts – Joan Leotta  *  Her Act of Loving Kindness – Roz Levine *
Holstein – Gretchen Primack * Is It Natural  To Be Kind – George Such  *  Kindness – M.J. Iuppa  *  Kindness – Peter Bergquist *
Language Like Medicine – Ann Kestner * Left You In the Dark – Chris Toto Zaremba  *  Lesson – James Penha
Make Offerings – Carol Aronoff  *  Morning Gift – Mary C. Rowin * New Childhood – Helen Burke  *
Ode to an Eleven Year Old Boy – Ronnie Hess * Rosewood & Inlays – silent lotus  *  Saint of the Day – Jan Chronister
Shut-Ins – Caroline Johnson  *  Taking it Back – Bryanna Licciardi 8 The Difference Kindness Makes –  Jackie Chou
The Ice – Padma Prasad * The Poem I Should Have Written – Charlene Neely  *  The Possum – Marybeth Rua-Larsen
The River – Maryann Russo  *  The Untouchable – Susan Furst * Two Kinds – D.G. Geis 8Whatchamacallit – Shittu Fowara *
What do you say? – David Allen Sullivan * What if – Elizabeth S. Wolfe (with special permission)
When She Cried – Christina Sng  *  Years Later – Mary McCarthy


Thank you to everyone who submitted their poetry. 
All submissions came with Kindness and we are better for them.

The Editors

The Blizzard Contest


This Contest is now closed.  We are grateful for every entry.

Visit Our Contest Winner's Page Here!!!


Fellow Poets, Writers, Artists and Folks who are just curious about what this title all about.

Please look at the two pieces of art work displayed below and send us a poem inspired by either piece.
- Only rule is that it has to fit the Origami Poems Project format (see the "non-rules" below) or we will sadly disqualify the entry -

Send to: origami.submission(at)gmail.com with BLIZZARD POEM (House/Horse) in the subject line.
 We will pick 5 poems to go with each ARTwork and publish Two Very Special OPP Micro-chapbooks.

Winners will be announced in the March Newsletter (sign-up link here)
You do not have to be a “poet” to submit… Just inspired…
Deadline: February 23rd Midnight



                                 4 Horses by Jason Hancock                                                Winter House by Pd Lietz

There is no fee for this contest but your submission is priceless to us.  Our prize is also priceless - and we’ll send 5 copies of the book in which your poem appears!
Imagine receiving a snail-mail of an Origami micro-chabook with your poem enclosed – how rare & exciting!
Non-Rules Rules

1. Poem should try to be around 23 lines long including Title & Spaces. (Reasonable aside:  For something we just can't live without, we'll consider just over 23 lines.  Is it wise to state this?  Where is poetic justice these days!)

2.  Poem’s Line Length should be around 47 characters (which includes spaces between letters).  If you must have that 48th character we will try to accomodate but remember, this isn't a glass slipper contest so please try to don the 47-character footwear.
3.  Poet may submit one poem per image in the body of an email or Word doc.  Please tell us to which image your poem applies.   Oh, so you think this is a ridiculous request?  We really don't want to ask & if we do it's only because we feel a surge of kindness.  So, do us proud and be kind.
4. Both unpublished and previously published pieces are welcome. If a piece was published elsewhere, ask nicely for the relevant permissions to reprint. For all selected poems, copyright will revert to the authors.  Yada yada.
5.  Email must reach us by Midnight (East Coast USA Time) on February 23, 2013.  Email submissions to:  origami.submission(at)gmail.com - @ for (at)
These carefully selected poems will be announced on our website, our Facebook page, and in our March Newsletter.

Oh, you can opt out of the Newsletter later if you want and we'll still like you...  Maybe

 There is no fee for this Contest

Thank you so much...    The Origami Poems Project



Kindness & Music 2012 Contest Winners

1st Annual Poetry Celebration Contest

Two Themes  ♦  Kindness & Music

The Winning Poets and their Poems

Click on Titles for Origami micro-chapbooks & Poems

A Celebration of Kindness


Celebrating Music

Valerie NiemanIndulgences

Lois Marie HarrodMojo

  Dawn Nikithser - Their Eyes Were Full Of Starbucks

  Kik Williams- Jesus, Another Beggar

  Ashley McWatersDreams

  Jeremy Paden - Lagniappe


  Mary Mueller- Midnight Blue

  M.S. Rooney - “Emperor Concerto”

 Lois Marie Harrod - Song with Nothing to Do

  Christian J. Collier - Indigo

  Dawn Nikithser - Laylangievangeline

  Diane Elayne Dees - To The Man Playing The Accordion



Poems of Honorable Mention

Ana Garza G'z Pinto Bean Meditation (Kindness)

Kelly Pearson - The Memory of Sam Cooke (Music)

Thank you to everyone who submitted their poetry. 
We received hundreds of entries - all came with Kindness and the hint of Music. 
What a Wonderful World it could be...
- The Editors