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A microchap is a downloadable, single-page PDF.
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                               Our goal is to share poetry freely but this doesn't mean every submission is accepted for publication.
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Misc Details...
Review your work before submitting (we speak from experience) as we assume you're sending the final version.
Each microchap "page" allows 47 characters per line including spaces* 
For longer-lined pieces, three (3) reading pages are available with 107 characters per line.
Each page accomodates 25-27 lines.
Don't obsess about formatting - that's our job!
We reserve the right to accept or refuse any cover or title suggestion.
There is no payment - upon acceptance we'll post your book under your own Bio page.
You'll receive a business size envelope of a few of your Origami microchaps to read, share, or display on the tiniest of bookshelves.
The poet retains all rights after the first-time appearance on the website.
Wait 3-6 months between submissions (then hit send!)
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{mooblock=Example of Character Count}

That’s what I want to be –     26 Characters
A sleeping dog in the window.  29 Characters
My main concern will be, what’s happening for tea... 52 Characters
Excerpt from Helen Burke’s “Sleeping Dogs” © 2013


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