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Lauri Burke

Lauri Burke grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan. She worked the better part of 40 years at the Barrington Public Library in Barrington, RI, where she had the great pleasure of continuing her education in the arts and humanities through her work designing and implementing cultural programming.

Recently retired, Lauri looks forward to diving into the manifold joys of creativity with time to spare. Lauri is happily married to Jeff Burke, and is the proud mother of Flannery Burke.

She has published poetry in a variety of little magazines, as well as three origami booklets ('Talking Back to Tales', 'Moving On: 5 Sonnets in Time' and 'Oh My Heads...') in the Origami Poems Project of RI.

And visit Lauri Burke's Artist's page here.

2014 Update: Wednesday evening, April 23, 2014, Lauri read at the Bryant University Poetry Month celebration held Bello Hall.  She was joined by OPP Poets, David Dragone, Eileen McCluskey, Ira Schaeffer and Kim Baker. 

► Lauri's Origami micro-chapbooks and selected poems (including audio versions - thanks to Lauri's daughter, Flan, for her technical assistance) are available below.

   Origami Micro-chapbook

Selected Poem(s)

Oh My Heads...


Audio Version
read by Lauri Burke

Listen to the audio poem

{mooblock=N’er a Pair to Wear}

Like cards, reading glasses need to shuffle,
craving to migrate toward brethren and shoal,
lone ones sometimes surface, rare as atolls,
rising in change bowls, bent and kerfluffled.
Deadly cheap, each is easily sundered
losing lenses so you're blind as a mole.
De rigueur to buy dozens, filling that hole,
then pile more still--plastic heaps of plunder.
With such riches, why is there never a hunch
where intact pair can be found with two bows?
And when one wants to read a bit at lunch,
their hide and seek makes agita wax bold.
Worst is when you hear soft insectile crunch,
and find you've crushed your favorites with one blow.
Lauri Burke © 2013


Talking Back To Tales


Sonnets Inspired by Fairy Tales:
Jack and the Beanstalk
Audio Version
read by Lauri Burke

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{mooblock=Ruffled Feathers}

As a hen who lays eggs of purest gold,
my high value is indisputable,
yet the cur who now holds me, truth be told,
is a dim young bird brain unsuitable.
Prattlers paint him hero of the tale,
bold and adventuresome beanstalk climber;
I know the snatcher is beyond the pale,
light-fingered thief and sneaking two-timer!
Cad slid into my master's house one day,
to do some peeping, skulking and robbing,
then stole that great man's livelihood away,
leaving he and my good mistress sobbing.
Yes, I'm bitter, of honor I've been bled,
think I'll skip gold, start laying eggs of lead.
Lauri Burke © 2009


Moving On: 5 Sonnets In Time


Audio Version
read by Lauri Burke

Listen to the audio poem

{mooblock=  Moving On }

Everything is mutable each thing
has its time, milkweed forming pods that strew
seeds parachuting on silken strings
old log built fence kneels down to fall in two
vines close embrace splintered wood as they do
foliage turns yellow as lowered sun
like bittersweet before orange bursts through
bees visit beach roses while blooms still yawn
shoals of fish jump to break water's calm
visiting air to slice gnats in their flight
while swan ducks head down into their realm
urgent in motion as season sheds light.
Each day fans its way to dissolution,
knows nothing can hold back evolution.
Lauri Burke © 2009