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 The OPP Random Acts of Poetry was created to support worthy causes.  Contact us for more information.


Its Time to Thrive

Judy Heaney-McKee is a writer and storyteller who lives in North Carolina with her husband and two daughters.  Visit her blogsite, Judith Heaney.
Judy's thought-provoking observations about life with her Asperger-challenged daughter is available below as a single-page, PDF.  Download the microchap by clicking the title.  An excerpt from the book is also presented below.

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Troop 2025 Chariho


We received an email in March from Assistant Troop Leader, Jennifer Basile.  Jennifer and her daughters had visited the Origami Poems display ('manned' by Lynnie Gobeille) at the Charlestown Farmers' Market!  She asked the OPP for help with the cadettes' Book Artist Badge.  

The four girls working on the badge wrote a total of 6 poems about scouting and drew a cover!  We hope this helps them get their badge.  Please send us a photo when you do!

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Borrowed from the Wild

Patti McAlpine and BioBlitz *

     My first involvement with BioBlitz was in 2006 as an environmental educator. Kira Stillwell, a RI Natural History Survey organizer, asked if I’d lead a children’s poetry workshop. I wanted to use poetry to connect people with nature; this was a perfect opportunity.

     In 2013 the RI Natural History Survey added a writing team to BioBlitz and I signed on. While others collect data and specimens of species to annotate for the Survey, I collect words and shape the observations around me as I learn more about RI's Natural History.
* BioBlitz is an intense period of biological surveying in an attempt to record all the living species within a designated area. (WikiPedia)  BioBlitz is held every June at a different RI locations. Visit www.rinhs.org.
Patti's collection of BioBlitz inspired poetry is available below as a single-page, PDF micro-chapbook.  Activate both the book and selected poems by clicking on the titles.

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Friends make things better


By Frankie King Gartner

Frankie King Gartner is Director at a New England Preschool.  We asked her about  her ‘Preschool Quote of the Day’ she’d share from time to time.

Frankie King Gartner:  "I have to write down the conversations as I'm hearing them. It was actually part of my teaching training- called running records, where you write down everything the kids say and do in real time. Amazing the results! Author Vivian Gussin Paley was a pro at this."

Frankie's collection of preschooler quotes is available below as a PDF.  Activate both the book and selection by clicking on the titles.

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