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Ashley Mcnulty

Ashley Mcnulty tells us:  "I've been writing for a long time. Since I was little. Even in highschool teachers urged me to get my writings out into the world.  I'm not only a fan of writing, I fell in love with photography in the 10th grade.  Writing and Photography are like my personal escape."   

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Ashley's Origami micro-chapbooks and selected poems are below.

Origami Micro-Chapbook

Selected Poem(s)

For The Empty Hearted

Cover photo by Ashley Mcnulty

{mooblock=Opening poem}

A single touch
A rush, mostly heat
following an awkward gesture
a pair of beautiful blue hues
stare back.
Ashley Mcnulty © 2011


The Memories

Cover photo by Ashley Mcnulty

{mooblock=Familiar Souls}

A blaze scars these people
Scorching their surface
as one soul might do to
another, if it got too close.
A velvet red layer surrounds
their wounds, pain is not felt,
but comfort.
Under a blanket of yearning dots,
Souls move as they want,
others are commanded.
The urgency to be safe
Lingers, constricting my lungs.
To acquire this security
we must trust one another,
and when the burning returns
At least we will have each other.
Ashley Mcnulty © 2011


The First Steps

Cover photo by Ashley Mcnulty


{mooblock=In School Suspension}

Slowing my pace
I reach the office
Open the door
A rush of cool modified air
Charges at me
My pace accelerates
To the isolated room
Where I will remain
The lack of color
Adds anxiety to my thoughts
The pale yellow walls
Tower above me
Long row of chairs
Lined up like soldiers
The sounds of the clocks ticking
Getting louder
Gossiping of the secretaries
Sitting. Waiting. Thinking.
Is all I can do.
Ashley Mcnulty © 2011