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Julie Hassett

Julie Hassett has been published in the Comstock Review, Philadelphia Poets, the Newport Review, Blueline, Naugatuck River Review and the DuPage Review. She won second prize in the Ocean State Poetry Contest and was included in the 2012 Poets Loft Anthology.

Her chapbook, Silent Passages, is part of the Premier Poets Series.


She practices as a social worker in North Kingstown, RI, often using therapeutic writing in her work.


Julie's Origami micro-chapbooks & selected poems are available below.

Origami Micro-chapbook

Selected Poem(s)



{mooblock=View from the Gazebo}

Weariness drifts over the brindled lawn
around purple tips of crocuses
clusters of bulbs hidden in a crust of soil.

She wonders when she will travel beyond
the stone wall that encloses her garden
and what she will find there.

Bright tails flick the skin of water.
Circles fan outward
bend the reflection of a weeping cedar

that ripples, green-gold and fragile
calming soon to a deeper stillness.
Julie Hassett © 2012


Blessed Be


{mooblock=Blessed Be}

for snow and no Sunday service, flakes
falling on my fourteen year old’s tongue
all the stubborn, cutting words

thawing in her mouth as she begs
me to come, she’ll make the perfect
snow angel, just needs someone

to pull her up so the shape will be crisp
in the Christmas light, the yard soon full
of her flailing limbs, all grin

and chuckle. Ten years melt from her
with eyes that gleam brighter than Venus
in the night sky

Julie Hassett © 2010


Keeping Time


{mooblock=Keeping Time}

April, May, June, July, I turn
the pages, August, he is gone,

camera, cap, photos, packed beneath his college bunk
far beyond my sight,

dirty sock sweaty shirt boy smell
fades, September, October,

the room is neat, a new
coat of paint, his artwork framed

on the wall, I flip
the weeks back to March,

paints, canvass, ink, slingshot strewn
across his spread in a pile

Julie Hassett © 2010




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