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Christina Sng

Christina Sng is a poet, writer, and artist. She began writing haiku and senryu in 2015, finding it meditative and calming amid city life. Her short form poetry has since appeared in many venues worldwide. “A Constellation of Songs” is her first haiku collection.

Read more about her work at http://christinasng.com.

2017 update: Christina's poem, Tenderly will be part of the Origami Poems anthology, 'The Best of Kindness, II' due out in April from Amazon.  Her poem was part of the 2nd Annual Kindness contest






Christina's Origami microchap & selected poem are available below. Click the title to download the one-page PDF.

Origami MicroChap

Selected Poem(s)

A Constellation of Songs



Cover: NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage
Poems previously appeared in
A Hundred Gourds, Akisame,
Akitsu Quarterly, bear creek haiku,
EarthRise Rolling Haiku Collaboration 2016,
European Haiku Society, Failed Haiku,
Golden Haiku Contest 2016, Haikuniverse,
hedgerow, Prune Juice, Shamrock,
and Sharpening the Green Pencil.
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The Wonders of Childhood

summer's end
a new constellation
of freckles

cloudy night
the stars
sneak past
snowed in
the doll hospital
open for business

Christina Sng © 2016