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Kik Skakel Williams

Kik Skakel Williams lives in Providence with her three mini-dachshunds, three chickens, and a cat. She is a ceramic artist, poet, laughter yoga teacher and until recently a water aerobics instructor.

Her passion is passion.

She likes pushing herself to do uncomfortable things like travelling solo to countries where she knows only one word, “ola” or kayaking class four rapids after only a few days in a kayak. Her family have flown the coop; a grandchild is on it’s way...


 Kik's Origami micro-chapbooks & selected poems are available below.

Origami     Micro-chapbooks

Poem Titles

Maude, My Best Layer


Cover art by Kik Williams


{mooblock=My Crazy Blue Egged Girl}

One of the new hens
Cockeyed half paralyzed
Swirled spiraled around the pen
Flapped on one side
Like the Three Stooges’ Curley
Pinwheeled in circles like my brother Mark
Who once thought he was Superman
And once to make us laugh
Did a Curley pinwheel
In the middle of Grand Central Station
—he was alone that day
On top of a hill in Vermont
His pickup truck still running—
Mortally wounded
Because I’d dropped her a quick snap
I knew what I had to do
Kik Skakel Williams © 2015


The Road Home


Cover photo by Kik Williams

{mooblock=Botox: Beirut 2006}

Like a Lemming
Rushing to the shore
I couldn’t beat
A path fast enough
To the doctor’s office
For a shot
Between the brows

Before I laughed
With expression
After I looked like
Every other woman
Not an eyebrow
In the room lifted
Kik Williams © 2013


We Also Studied Religion, VII


Cover photo of young Kik



My daughter excelled in Physics
I asked her what is it
Science? Math?
She told me in the simplest terms
It’s the study of things in motion
My father must have
Known a thing or two
About physics
When he was teaching me
How to drive
He said
If you know you are going
To crash head on
Floor it
The slower car
Will receive the most damage
Physics is a guide
to survival
Kik Williams © 2012


Joy Comes Squawkingly


Cover by Kik Williams


Quick movement
Jittery runs
Surprised collisions
On the prowl
Searching for small movements
In the grass
Pulling up flowers
Along with weeds
Cleaning up and out the garden
Doing exactly as you all please
Kik Williams © 2011


We Also Studied Religion

Cover Photo of young Kik


Sister Constance Mary
Was my art teacher
She was the prettiest
Nun at school

She had a twin sister
Who would come
To visit
And we would all giggle
And goggle to see what
Connie would look like
With hair and bosoms

She used to sit up nights
Struggling to teach me
Biology and Math and

Some things just don’t
But it was good to know
That she didn’t think
I was a lazy not so bright

The art came naturally
And maybe that was
Our connection

I recently found her on
She’s married to an ex
And sells insurance

I can see giving up
The habit
But art?

Kik Williams © 2011