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Maurice Mancini

Maurice Mancini 

destruction precedes construction -  Picasso

objects are just an external manifestation of an internal process  -  Mo

put it on ice, it don't go bad  -  Ray

I received an MA Sculpture from Goddard College, Plainfield ,Vermont in 1974.  My advisor was Morgan Gibson, a poet, to whom I owe many thanks.
From my paternal grandfather, Carmine, I learned the magic, the beauty of a well told story and I was amazed by the wonderful gifts he made, with basic hand tools and salvaged materials. He heard the old men in the village say that man will never fly.  He walked 10 miles to see the first airplane.
I am grateful to the Origami Poems Project for your support and waking me from my stupor.
December 2013 update: "Another Day" was nominated for the Pushcart Prize by the Origami Poems Project.

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Mo's Micro-chapbooks & selected poems are available below.

Origami Micro-chapbook

Selected Poem(s)

Sleeping with the Gypsy


Cover Art: Henri Rousseau
'The Sleeping Gypsy'

{mooblock=Opening Lines}

it perplexes her
she says
when pressed
how he can make something
so involved
not knowing what it will be.
what it will become.
he just stood there
caught off guard
stopped in his tracks
that is all he's got
he thought
starting somewhere
he would rest somewhere
here or there sooner or later
and the journey would be
the faces could be
more or less familiar
becoming or not

Maurice Mancini © 2014


Another Day

Artwork by Mo Mancini

{mooblock=Opening Lines}

Six miles on the bike path, brings me through the edge of "The Great Swamp"
ending at the train station, where I neither see someone off or on, as the case may be.

I usually stay long enough to watch at least one train pass through or stop, on its way.

This is not like Grand Central with its endless flow of travelers, local and beyond.

The dearly departed and the recently arrived passing shoulder to shoulder,
seeming to take no notice of the other.

I notice their passing dissolving into the stream of passersby.

Maurice Mancini © 2013


Postcards from Paradise


{mooblock=Postcards from Paradise}

the faces
look familiar
though the names
i don't recall
i must have
been there
old photographs
have no reason to lie.
post cards from paradise
but i'm left with a longing
i just don't understand
for something lost long ago
beyond my grasp
before kodachrome.
post cards from paradise
bring me no peace
places forgotten, lost faces
and this boat just carries me
further from shore, drifting
with this postcard from paradise.

Maurice Mancini © 2012


Street Corner Poet


Charlie Getter / Barts Street Corner Poets

{mooblock=Looking for you or someone like you all my life}

a flicker
caught in the corner of my eye
as I drove home
past the farm the full moon
in the clearing
running beside me
as it rises in the heavens
while this motion
drew me along
on the radio
“dreaming of a world”
rose to awareness threshold
I have been wondering about you,
I have not seen you
or any sign of you as of late
and before I saw the moon
before I began dreaming
of this world
I thought of you

Maurice Mancini © 2012


Shaking the ground where I rest


{mooblock=Poem III}

another bike ride
brings me to the train station
lingering long enough
to see and feel the high speed Acela
fly by heading north
shaking the ground where I rest
and then the high speed Acela  
flys by heading south
again shaking the ground where I rest
before climbing aboard my bike
sliding my feet into the cages
adjusting my grip
and setting myself
comfortably into the saddle
picking up speed as I leave the station
heading west
on my return
before the setting sun
over takes me
and daylight abandons me

Maurice Mancini  © 2011


Social Dancing


{mooblock=Social Dancing}

social dancing
at ten or eleven
once a week
after school
we meet in the cafeteria
properly attired
groups of boy and girls laughing, giggling and snickering
miss malmberg, the principal arrived
amongst bows and courtesy's
we fox trotted
and even cha cha’d
but really this story has gone on for too long
it is not about the dancing
but the dance after the dancing
it must have been winter
class was dismissed
we clambered about the coat rack
hats coats
my gloves
were gone gloves
lynn had taken my gloves
my memory has discarded some details
the facts remain true
lynn had taken my gloves
repeatedly to my request for their return she denied their possession
seemingly taunting me with her denial
I went home without gloves
probably with hands in my pockets my own
returning to school next morning
lynn greets me
here are your gloves
those are not my gloves
I retort
no bow no curtsey
no dance
a lesson I long remember

Maurice Mancini © 2009


Collaborative with Lynnie Gobeille

Do You Hear Me Now


{mooblock=Opening Lines}

a boat
a smaller boat
a boat small enough for easy
short handed sailing
large enough for Spartan accommodations
and good sea keeping abilities
it was dark and blustery
echoing my mind’s state
when I leave the marina
the boat prepped and secure
seeking the turbulence
hidden in the darkness within the wind
to soothe my soul

Maurice Mancini © 2011




Page One:

I have been working on a story about my uncle
but it seems to be an unstable platform and
keeps shifting in its sleep as if alive
evolving, even as he is dead
my uncle died, just shy of eighty-nine years
a cantankerous old man

I miss you already
but find solace in knowing you are in
good hands again
hoping you find peace
in the home of your father
comfort by your mother’s side
and joy in the welcoming arms of your brother

I wrote infrequent letters describing some
project or event in my life
sometimes I sent pictures, maybe a poem
never a reply or a mention,
I wrote when I wanted
rarer were my visits


Maurice Mancini © 2011


Along The Way




do not take a picture of me
capture me forever frozen
as I was for a moment
let me paint a picture of myself
for you
as I am now in this moment with you
Maurice Mancini © 2010