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Nancy E. Brown

Nancy Brown as portrayed by her grand-daughter SophiaNancy E. Brown, retired from 25 years in Alaska libraries, has been a reporter for The Nome Nugget, book reviewer for the Kenai Peninsula Clarion, freelance writer, storyteller, writer of haiku, and a lifelong fan of Dylan Thomas.

Her biggest fan, husband Ken, has kept a steady hand on the rudder for 42 years of marriage through rough waters and calm. They have a daughter Roda Motta, son-in-law Rick Motta, and three witty, musical granddaughters who also love to read and write poetry.

Her poetry is included in The Poets Loft anthology, Nine New England Poets on love and loss. Edited by Beatrice Lazarus, it includes poems by Nancy E. Brown, James Cronin, Michael Crowley, Diane Dolphin, Joan Fishbein, Karen Haskell, Maureen Lapre, Beatrice Lazarus, Sandra Moran.
Projected Release date: May 25, 2014.  Order here from Main Street Rag.


(Above Image: Nancy Brown as portrayed by her granddaughter, Sophia)

 Nancy's Origami micro-chapbooks & selected poems are available below.

Origami Micro-chapbook

Selected Poem(s)

A Real Bout


{mooblock=Tomato Can Blues}

No bets on the plodding bruiser
who is not Ali’s Wepner,
The Bayonne Bleeder from Jersey.
Not Tyson’s Douglas in Tokyo.
He’s a bad boxer picked to make
this champ look good,
a real tomato can kind of guy—
until his southpaw found the champ’s jaw
and the wrong ‘can’ hit the mat.

Nancy E. Brown © 2013


Cover photo by Ken Brown

This tiny, indigenous species
was there in 1788
when soldiers and convicts
landed at Botany Bay—
building grass nests in trees
among the penal colonies.
Perhaps a convict stopped
to listen to their song,
like the fisherman
in Andersen’s ‘The Nightingale.’

Nancy E. Brown © 2013


Mishnock, RI (An Album)

Cover photo by Rocco Rainone

{mooblock=Neighborhood Life}

After a restless night, I walk into dawn.
Mute swans float beneath the lake mist.
The creek burbles under the road next
to the small cottage where Miss Lovelace—
her sister dead in a crash—
raised her orphaned niece and nephews
after rejecting her brothers’ solution,
“We can each raise one.”

Nancy E. Brown © 2012


Alaska Album


Cover Photo by Maureen Conley


{mooblock=Tenakee Springs, Chichagof Island}

Norwegian men—eyes glacial blue,
Blond hair burned white by sun,
Shoulders built to ship strength—
Sluiced and dredged Nome’s gold
Then wintered at these hot springs.
Nearby in wilderness coves stand raven,
Orca, eagle totems. In the strait a pod
Of orcas stampede seals to shore.
Rocks tumble in the crimson tide.

Nancy E. Brown © 2010


Home: Ohio, 1950


{mooblock=Home: Ohio, 1950 - I.}

Cold well-water gulped from a gourd.
A dose of brown sugar and turpentine -
An old-time remedy
To keep away worms.
Cod liver oil from a cold metal spoon.
Buttermilk cornbread baked
In a cast-iron skillet.
Sun-warmed tomatoes and peppers,
White corn on the cob
Rolled in butter.
Pan fish fried on Fridays.

Nancy E. Brown © 2009



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