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The Origami Poems Project's 6 nominations for the Pushcart Prize
To the Boy Who Stole My First Kiss - Ariana D. Den Bleyker • Six October Stones - James Brush
Man Sweeping Leaves - Helen Burke • Goddess -  Bill Carpenter
Ivory in Connecticut - Mary Ann Mayer • Tudo Isto É Fado - Nancy Jasper 

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November 2015
Cover Design: "Startled Flight" by Helen Burke
A Certain Kind of Mist
Has arisen this morning over the field .. and
It is blowing away our walk amongst the bluebells.
Sometimes mist takes.. sometimes it gives.
Mist reaches out into the soul.  Entwines itself there
Like brambles on the open road.. like a lost child ..
Like a star unknown on the way to being a comet.
On our bluebell walk there were hills and valleys
And a strange bright creature that walked with us ..
It changed into a bird and then a tall rugged foxglove.
It had a story in its soul that was my own.
I said to you – how good it is to walk here
Where my footsteps can echo the earth’s heart once more..
And the bright creature smiled and shone the mist away .
And the mist she did not mind .. and the song she sang
Was the song of all good people as they walk
Upon the earth, leaving only kind words and deeds.
That is the mist I dream of.. hope to be
Until the bluebell wood is come again, my love.
Helen Burke © 2015
Cover Design: "Faces" by Lauri Burke
Letters to Sappho

ever notice
how rain
is a woman's tears
after a stillbirth
ever notice
I found a shipwreck
beached skeleton
near a seaman
exposed lungs
does it matter
we all return to earth
we are all fragments
all sunken
all forgotten
all cast aside
reduced to shell

gulls fly out of letters
you sent
music from a lyre
you are far away
distant shores
battered by waves
come here for comfort
waves within my cove
love is delicious
love is sand
love is waves after waves
gulls speaking your words

Martin Willitts Jr. © 2015
Cover Design: "Hammer" by Lauri Burke
If I Had A Hammer...
                                                        . . . i would call myself a nail,
                                                        start looking for the nearest cross
                                                        to create a frame for my self-
                                                        portrait of fragmentary displacement—
                                                        the platinum label of breathlessness
A.J. Huffman © 2015
Cover Design by Carl Peter Mayer
Images from the Web
“Through 1954, Connecticut was the largest
importer of tusks anywhere in the world.
One adult African elephant tusk of 75 lbs.,
properly milled, could yield the
wafer-thin ivory veneers to cover
the keys of 45 pianos.” (CT history.org)
IVORY in Connecticut
Opening Lines
                                                                         Start with middle C
                                                                         and play it back thru time, thru
                                                                         the juke, the clap, the hand, the cry

                                                                         back through a century
                                                                         of sheet music, cannons, Yankee Doodle,
                                                                         ragtime in living rooms—
                                                                                                     the middle-class pastime,
                                                                         before radio and gramophones
                                                                         and talkies…

                                                                         Play it down, down,  
                                                                         through cakewalks and marches,
                                                                         Burning mobs, “coon songs”, lynchings, “whites only”
                                                                         and whites in blackface performing…
Mary Ann Mayer © 2015
October 2015
♦  Meetings by Tom Pescatore
Cover: Picacho Peak, AZ by Tom Pescatore
The sun was dropping low in the west

You saw a vision of me—
skin burnt, bandanna tied 'round neck
scuffed boots, faded, frayed wool socks
red flannel shirt, torn at one elbow,
worn corduroys rolled up to knees, hat pulled low over brow
rucksack on back,
—slouching into the coming fog;
one step from gone,
the wide open prairie.
grass like greatest widest ocean
before me, tossed under
storm clouds darker than night.

I was a phantom, you said.
I had never lived, you said.

The world was like a snow globe, you said.

Here, you can see for miles.
Here, you blinked at big open sky.
Here, red rolling hills stared back.

I used them to
cover my escape.
Tom Pescatore © 2015
Cover: Cairn on NH River by Jan Keough
Nos.1 & 2
                                                                          long autumn

                                                                          full trees still
                                                                          to summer

                                                                          a sulphur butterfly
                                                                          rides prairie wind

                                                                          tired sunflowers
                                                                          lean heavy
                                                                          on barbwire fences
James Brush © 2015
Cover: Cholla Cactus Garden at Joshua Tree National Park
by Bill Dahl
                                                                          Out of sand
                                                                          light and shadow
                                                                           a thorny existence
                                                                           tracking the sun —
                                                                           arms skyward
                                                                           glowing —
Cynthia Anderson © 2015

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The Origami Poets

Welcome these Poets to the Origami Poems Project
.....October 2015.....
Kim Peter Kovac works nationally and internationally in theater for young audiences with an emphasis on new play development and networking. He in Alexandria, VA, with his bride, two Maine Coon cats, and a Tibetan Terrier named Finn. 

James Brush
James Brush lives in Austin, TX and is the author of Birds Nobody Loves, A Place Without a Postcard, and numerous scraps of paper around his house.

Cynthia Anderson lives in the Mojave Desert near Joshua Tree National Park. She is the author of four poetry collections—In the Mojave, Desert Dweller, and Shared Visions I and 2 (in collaboration with her husband, photographer Bill Dahl).
.....September 2015......
JoyAnne O'Donnell is a poet from Pennsylvania. Her poems appeared in various online and print poetry places.


Eugenia Hepworth Petty

Eugenia Hepworth Petty lives in the Pacific Northwest. She is the author of the chapbook Pamyat Celo/Memory Village (2007). In addition to writing, she shoots film and covers objects in wax, glitter, and resin.  Find her at: www.eugeniahepworth.com

- Previous poets new to the OPP -
Veronica Matsuda John Grey • Sara Norja • Ethar Hamid Guy Traiber Laurie Kolp
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Oh-So-Nice Comments

 See "Origami Sightings" page for full list of Nice Comments
I am so glad I figured out how to download the pdf files... and have been copying a bunch of other people’s books to distribute at LitFuse...  I also posted about this on the Poetry Postcard Fest site on FB as well as my own FB page.   The feeling of meeting a comrade in free poetry! and distribution is mutual.
Until we meet again in the origami garden!
Eugenia Petty, Pacific Northwest, 9/19/15
Thank you so much for this opportunity! I am very excited to be considered for your publication.
Veronica Matsuda, California, 7/13/15
Most happy you liked "I Saw Myself" as it is very dear to me and I was starting lose faith in it after many years out there.
Guy Traiber, Middle-east, 5/25
It gave me a real sense of how, through the internet and your own Origami Press publishing work and spreading the word is really making connections through creative writing on a global scale.
Winston Plowes, England  5/17

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* * *
Sleuthing for the Painter of Snorri Sturluson by Jan Keough

Google search had let me down. On the hunt for Snorri Sturlson's image (Icelandic poet & historian 1179-1241) to grace an Origami micro-chapbook cover by Nancy Jasper, Google gurgled a slurry of drawings, etchings, and one painting of a contemplative Snorri.  But, alas and alack, no artistic credit revealed.

I prodded Google search again. This time the engines flagged Icelandic author Nancy Marie Brown and her blogsite,
God of Wednesday.  Brown and I swapped emails. She generously forwarded my inquiry to Sigrún G. Þormar, Project Director of the Snorrastofa Cultural Research Center in Iceland. A Center founded in the memory of Snorri Sturluson!
Through Director Þormar I learned that the Snorri portrait artist was Haukur Stefánsson (1901–1953), Iceland born, had moved with family to Winnipeg, Canada and then art schooled in Chicago from 1923-29.  Stefánsson's roommate and best friend in Chicago happened to be Walt Disney.  Ah, obscure no more!  Stefánsson now stands out in my mind as comrade and fellow artist of this most famous cartoonist and artistic entrepreneur.
Turns out that the Snorrastofa Center owns the original painting of Snorri.  (I've added the Center to my bucket list, as you can imagine.)  To my delight, the Center's Project Director concluded his email with this generous offer:  "permission is hereby given by Snorrastofa director, Bergur Þorgeirsson" to use Stefánsson's artwork on Nancy Jasper's Origami micro-chapbook cover...

Now, that's an ending worthy of a Walt Disney classic!

- Jan Keough
* * *
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