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What is an Origami Poems Micro-chapbook?

An Origami Micro-chapbook presents poems arranged on a single sheet of paper which is folded, origami-style, into a palm-sized book.  They are yours to print, read, and share.  Our only advice - Recycle to a Friend!
With over a hundred participating poets, this Non-Profit organization shares micro-chapbooks throughout New England & the world-wide web.  Our 2009 public debut was on Poets.org in their "Poem in a Pocket."  Since then we've made friends at bookstores, libraries, coffee shops, art centers - and readers everywhere.
We've been called an idea with legs by Tom Chandler in The Providence Journal.
We hope to travel far with them!

Newest News!

Bryant University - 'In Celebration of Poetry Month'
Wednesday evening, April 23, 2014
RI Poets Laureate
Rick Benjamin  Lisa Starr  Tom Chandler
Followed by
an Hour's Reading by OPP Poets
David Dragone - Lauri Burke - Ira Schaeffer - Eileen McCluskey - Kim Baker
7:45-8:45pm at Bello Hall, Bryant campus
(Free Admission - Parking - Directions Link)
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Poster Design by Adam Slater
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Sunday  April 27, 2014  2:30-5pm

Poetry & Art at the Narragansett Towers

Tom Chandler · Paul Hostovsky · Margie Flanders · Mary Mueller
Jason Hancock     ·    Linda Denosky-Smart

New Artist - Charlie Spear

New Workshop with Margie Flanders
See Below (under "Upcoming Events)


Mary Ann Mayer's new chapbook from Finishing Line Press
Pre-order thru March 28th for discounted shipping  (May)
Cover: Pete Mayer’s balanced-rock sculpture
Carol Anderheggen "had the following poem published, as a contest winner, in Newport Life Magazine, March/April 2014: "Sin and Flesh Brook, Tiverton." It describes an Easter Sunday morning fishing trip I took with my father when I was a child."
Welcome & Purchase The Poetry Loft anthology, Nine New England Poets on love and loss, from Main Street Rag.
Edited by Beatrice Lazarus, it includes poems by Nancy E. Brown, James Cronin, Michael Crowley, Diane Dolphin, Joan Fishbein, Karen Haskell, Maureen Lapre, Beatrice Lazarus, Sandra Moran.
Projected Release date: May 25, 2014
Such a delight to be in that warm place, folding away and laughing. I love my Wendy magnet with her micros in front of her. My cat, not so much.
Love, Kate O'Kula, Rhode Island, 3/31/2014
"Jan (Keough), thank you for your poems. I read them first thing this morning and was really touched. The word "craft" comes to mind. Your poems are beautifully crafted … they have the feel of a work of art that took time and skill and depth and great love to create. I read and reread "As Is" several times … a meditation and a teaching.
Elizabeth Stamper, Indialantic, FL 3/12/2014


Melbourne Beach Public Library FL
Walked into the Mel Beach Library & came across this display!
Many thanks to the Reference Librarian for taking the chapbook we gave her, "Bogie" by Larry Krips, and creating this basket of goodies.
OPP Fold-a-Thon - Sunday, March 30th 2-4pm
Symposium Bookstore - Division St. (Dave’s Plaza), East Greenwich
Thank you to Anne Marie Keohane from Symposium Books for hosting the OPP's FOLD-A-THON Sunday March 30th!
It was a huge success!! • God Bless Nancy Brown, Kate O'kula, Maurice Mancini, Mary Anne Mayer & her folding machine, silent lotus, Diane Dolphin, Mary Mueller, Robert Graves Jr (who not only folded but took photos) Lawrence Krips & Joanne (Narragansett Library Poetry Workshop). They set a new record!! Over 450 OPP micro-chapbooks were folded to be given away at The OPP Towers event April 27th. Thank you to Anne Marie for donating gift cards (Symposium Books)
Tuesday, March 11th
"Poetry from the Heart"
 Kevin & Jan Keough hosted an OPP poetry reading & open mic
at Aquarian Dreams, Indialantic, FL
                                 (L-R) Christine, Beth, Elizabeth, Kevin    Jan, Christine, Beth, Elizabeth                             Selfie by Kevin!
Sunday, March 9th
Bill Sullivan & Kara Provost Poetry Reading
 at MAIN STREET Coffee, EG was a hit!
Lynnie Gobeille     •      Kara Provost      •      Bill Sullivan
...Open Mic Poets Larry Krips, Margie Flanders, Kim Baker
(Photos thanks to Mel Mosley & Robert Graves)
Poetry-friendly folks found laughter & inspiration
Enjoyed food & drink at MainStreet Cafe in East Greenwich
Thank you, Mel, for being a great hostess!
Click HERE for this Spring's OPP Schedule as a Micro-chapbook

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April Poet of the Month:  David P. Miller

  David P. Miller is a librarian at Curry College (Milton, MA), and thanks the Curry faculty, creative writing group to which he belongs, for their critique and encouragement. He is a member of Tom Daley’s Tuesday night poetry workshop at the Boston Center for Adult Education, and visits with the Bagel Bards in Somerville, Mass. He also participates in critique sessions facilitated by Chad Parenteau, held before Stone Soup readings. 



post tropical storm:
felt blanket dries in the sun
white winged seed drifts by

retaining wall stones
cradle tropical storm pools –
leaves twigs grass sunlight
♦  ♦  ♦

single dry cornstalk
still standing in a patch of
muddy tractor prints
tiny rivulet
cleaving a straight way between
banks of dry cornstalks
From "Probably Not Haiku"
David P. Miller © 2012

Recent Origami Micro-Chapbooks Published

♦  On Coming of Age by Ariana D. Den Bleyker
Cover: The Web
Cover Art: dreamtime.com
Cover: Charlie Spear “Target Boy”
♦  Poetry Lines by Jason Hancock  ♦   Bogie by Lawrence J. Krips
Cover image by Jason Hancock                                  Cover Photo: John Boyce
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(& those events that didn't make the Newsletter)
Beginners Poetry Workshop with Margie Flanders - Maury Loontjens Memorial Library, (Narraganset) ♦  Thursday, April 10 & 24 and Thursday, May 8 & 22 at 2:30pm ♦
Explore your inner poet with the calm, kind guidance of poet/facilitator extraordinaire, Margie Flanders. 
Call to register  (401-789-9507)  or can register by the link on their website.

Narragansett Poetry Circle Reading • Wed April 16th - 7 PM • Maury Loontjens Memorial Library 35 Kingstown Rd., Narragansett • If Time Permits - Open Mic

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Micro-Chapbook Display Locations

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OPP Displays are lovinlgy maintained by volunteers...
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April 2014 - OPP in Northern UK
Thanks to Helen Burke & friend, Sally, at the Cafe at the Leeds Gallery* and at a Cafe in York
Cafe at Leeds Gallery   ♦   Cafe in York, UK   ♦  Wildflour Artisan Bakery & Cafe, Decatur, IL
Newest Locations: Cafe at Leeds Gallery &  at Cafe in York, UK*
Hoi Polloi Gallery, Rte. A1A, Indialantic, FL Cool Beans Cafe, 18 Kingstown Rd, Narragansett
Select library & hot spots in Lincoln, Nebraska Newport Public Library, 300 Spring St, Newport
Grace Yoga, 35 Weaver St., North Kingstown Water Street Studio, Fredericksburg, VA
Exeter Public Library, 773 Ten Rod Road, Exeter Jamestown Philomenian Library, 26 North Road
Office of Ms Rita Hurwitz, 269 A S Main St, Prov
Barrington Library
Roots, Wickenden St, Providence
Books on the Square, Wayland Square
Nick-a-Nees, South St, Providence
• The Attleboro Public Library, MA
Peace Dale Library, South Kingstown
• Books on the Square, Wayland Square
Main Street Coffee, East Greenwich
• Custom House Coffee, Middletown
Telephone pole zip-locks So County (seasonal)
♦ Please suggest a location...
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