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What is an Origami Poems Micro-chapbook?

An Origami Micro-chapbook presents poems arranged on a single sheet of paper which is folded, origami-style, into a palm-sized book.  They are yours to print, read, and share.  Our only advice - Recycle to a Friend!
With over a hundred participating poets, our 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization shares micro-chapbooks throughout New England & the world-wide web.  Our 2009 public debut was on Poets.org in their "Poem in a Pocket."  Since then we've made friends at bookstores, libraries, coffee shops, art centers - and readers everywhere.
We've been called an idea with legs by Tom Chandler in The Providence Journal.
We hope to travel far with them!

Newest News!

OPP at Charlestown Farmers Market
Friday, 8/22 9am-1pm
Thanks to the wonderful folks at the Charlestown Land Trust Farmer’s Market for giving us such a warm welcome on Friday August 22nd!
They provided us with a space in a great tent located in the center of all the marvelous booths and activities
We made many MANY new friends-
Gave away over 150 Micro-chapbooks-
Taught Young and Old to “fold-an-origami”


Make a Purchase on Amazon and Donate to the OPP!
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0.05% of your purchase will be set aside for the OPP when you select
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Monday's poetry event at the Narragansett Library
was an all-out success!
An Evening of Poetry
Rick Benjamin, Lisa Starr & Tom Chandler
(Poets Laureate of Rhode Island, Present and Past)
with Kara Provost, Guest poet & MC
Co-hosted by Lynnie Gobeille (OPP) & Marilyn Sherman, Librarian
With over 40 people attending, it was a standing-room only experience with huge amounts of generous applause.  As Lynnie commented, "People were shaking my hand on the way out thanking the OPP for putting this event on in Narragansett."
Thank you Marilyn, the Narragansett Library and, of course, the 3 Amigos +1:  Rick, Lisa, Tom & Kara
One guest commented,
"I had no idea that poetry could be so personal - so real.
Tom Chandler just makes it so easy to understand."

This was the fourth OPP Poetry summer series at the Narragansett Library

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Oh-So-Nice Comments Category


Thank you so much again for launching and selecting my collection for the Origami Poems Project! I really appreciate your amazing effort and talent in putting this together and distributing the poems.
I was so happy to receive your letter and samples in the mail!  As suggested, I have attached an audio sample of my reading Three Mile Lake I recorded outdoors for a more natural feel (with slight rustling of leaves and maybe even a wind chime!) to include on my Bio page. Hope you enjoy it!
Bradley McIlwain, Ontario, Canada, 7/13/2014

Thanks for much for this (micro-chapbook draft). I made a little mock, and I am really pleased with it. Also, I think the cover artwork works exceptionally well.
Arthur Bull, Nova Scotia, Canada, 6/26/2014
Wanted to let you know that our beloved mascot pictured above, Wendy, a ten-year-old mini-schnauzer, passed away on July 28.  She was much loved by Jan & Kevin Keough & their co-schnauzer Pixie.  She is much missed.


A recording by new OPP poet, Steven Drenning Jr, is now posted on his page.

Our "Summer into Fall" Issue

We here in Opp-Ville thought this photo of Peg Quinn & her young friend, Preston, set the tone for the Magic
in this issue. They're captured perfectly in a moment of shared happiness by Garrett Durand.
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August Poet of the Month:  Star Ferrin

Star Ferrin was born in Delaware and has also lived in central Pennsylvania, upstate New York and now Rhode Island. She has a MA in Religion & BA in English.  In addition to writing, she creates original one-of-a-kind patterns and projects in media such as paper, fiber, textiles, and paint.  We're particularly happy to say that Star discovered her first OPP micro-chapbook at the Cumberland Library display!


I Am Being Tested

I am being tested
and I'm finding wanting
in things I didn't want before,
not wanting what I did before
and knowing the difference.
A plan of self-discovery is needed
but I'm not interested.
The person I thought I was does not exist
and truly it's a little frightening
to wonder what’s really there
when the wolf is not at the door.
I think I have become the wolf.

Star Ferrin © 2014
From her micro-chapbook: I Listen for the Mail

Recent Origami Micro-Chapbooks Published

For August:
♦  Yours by Steven Drenning Jr
Cover: ‘The Only Hope’ by Healzo • http://healzo.deviantart.com

Listen to Steven's recording of  'A quick note,'

Cover photo: 'Beatnik girl' by fille de la ville
For July:
Cover Photo: Vintageclothesonline.net
Cover: Digital Art by Susan Lucas
♦  Six Birds by Arthur Bull
Cover Art: York Street mural by Craig Anthony Miller “CAM”
Cover by PD Lietz
•  Every micro-chapbook can be printed from a downloadable PDF - Just Click on the Title and print! 
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The Origami Poets

Welcome these poets who are are new to the Project!
(Peruse Pick a Poet page where poets are properly compiled alphabetically by first name - pleasantly)

Recent Publications by OPP Poets!

    Mary Ann Mayer's long-awaited collection, Salt & Altitudes, is now available through Finishing Line Press.  Fred Marchant, Author of The Looking House (Graywolf Press) writes:  “What is harmony”, asks Mary Ann Mayer, “but near collision?” In these finely wrought and emotionally nuanced poems, the desire for the transcendent “altitudes” collides with the experiential knowledge that we face inevitable limits and frailties, the “salt” in our lives. Out of these collisions, there sometimes comes, says Mayer, a greater wholeness, “a spin into alignment.”

     Templates: collected poems is Bill Carpenter's extensive compilation from the past twenty years and presents the best of his craft.  Available from the author at PO Box 795, Chepachet RI 02814 for $15.00 + $3.00 S&H (US) - or e-mail Bill at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"The poems in this collection will stay with you long after you’ve closed the book." - Lynnie Gobeille, Origami Poems Project


   Life not quite Understood by Lynnie Gobeille (Finishing Line Press), "is a phrase which precisely describes us all, even those who claim otherwise. These poems are the flags of little truths we hold but rarely see painted so carefully. This is Lynnie’s special gift: Long may she wave."- Tom Chandler, Poet laureate of Rhode Island Emeritus


    The Poetry Loft anthology, Hope Street - Nine New England Poets on love and loss, from Main Street Rag is available. Edited by Beatrice Lazarus, this collection includes poems by Nancy E. Brown, James Cronin, Michael Crowley, Diane Dolphin, Joan Fishbein, Karen Haskell, Maureen Lapre, Beatrice Lazarus, Sandra Moran.

"In these superbly crafted poems is the weight of modern life’s disappointments and the lasting shine of its possibilities." - Lori Desrosiers, author of The Philosopher’s Daughter

    The Persuasive Beauty of Imperfection by Marguerite K. Flanders has been published by EBook Bakery.  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to order your copy (price $14 + postage).   Margie adds, "...maybe I can arrange to "hand deliver" some, since RI is a small state!"

Margie is one of the original members of the Ocean State Poets, and enjoys being a "missionary," spreading poetry wherever she goes.
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We'd love to hear your Voice...
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Latest readings include those by Steven Drenning, Jr, Bradly McIlwain and Garrett Phelan
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Micro-Chapbook Display Locations

  A Selection of Display Locations is Listed Below (RI unless noted)  Origami Display Locations lists them all

OPP Displays are lovinlgy maintained by volunteers...
the generosity of friends and strangers. Why not you?
Special Note
With Summertime all around, the OPP Display Boxes empty fast - so does our supply of Toner and Paper- Please send your tax deductible check to...
The Origami Poems Project
PO Box 1623
East Greenwich, RI 02818
Thank you
Bayside YMCA box thanks to Dr. Kara Provost ♦ The Green Grocer - Carol Anderheggen & John Wood, store owner ♦  Helen Burke & friend, Sally, Cafe 164 at Leeds Gallery  
Newest Location: Bayside YMCA, 70 West Street, Barrington RI
The Green Grocer, East Main Rd, Portsmouth, RI Wildflour Artisan Bakery & Cafe, Decatur, IL
Cafe 164 at Leeds Gallery & at Cafe in York, UK Newport Public Library, 300 Spring St, Newport
Cool Beans Cafe, 18 Kingstown Rd, Narragansett Water Street Studio, Fredericksburg, VA
Exeter Public Library, 773 Ten Rod Road, Exeter Jamestown Philomenian Library, 26 North Road
Grace Yoga, 35 Weaver St., North Kingstown
Barrington Library
Select library & hot spots in Lincoln, Nebraska
Books on the Square, Wayland Square
Office of Ms Rita Hurwitz, 269 A S Main St, Prov
• The Attleboro Public Library, MA
Peace Dale Library, South Kingstown
• Books on the Square, Wayland Square
Main Street Coffee, East Greenwich
• Custom House Coffee, Middletown
Telephone pole zip-locks So County (seasonal)
♦ Please suggest a location...
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