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Helen M. D'Ordine

Helen M. D'Ordine is a retired teacher, an adjunct professor at Rhode Island College, a member of The Writers' Circle, a Block Island Poetry Project participant, an Ocean State Poet, and a RI Writing Project Fellow. 

In 2011, she published a chapbook, Conclusive Illusions.  Her poems have appeared in Mobius, RI Writers' Circle Anthology, The Providence Journal: Poetry Corner, sheShines, Medicine & Health/RI, The Oak, and Celebrate: Poets Speak Out.

A perfect day is when she exercises, prays, reads, writes, and talks to her grandchildren.




 Helen's Origami micro-chapbook & selected poems are available below.


Origami Micro-chapbook

Selected Poem(s)

in poetry and verse

"The Towers, 2013" was selected
for this commemorative collection.
(Also see 'Random Acts of Poetry')
Photo by Richard Benjamin
- by kind permission -

{mooblock=The Towers, 2013}

On 4/17 folks went to The Towers
to listen to poets for a couple of hours.
There was Chandler, Dennigan, Dolphin and Brown
who read poem after poem, all winners, hands down!
The cupcakes and cookies were really delicious.
The wine was delightful, the occasion auspicious.
'Twas Poetry Month, a cause celebre
and on this spring day, bon mots filled the air.
We sat in the round, overlooking the beach,
thoroughly enjoying Origami's outreach.
Helen M. D'Ordine © 2013



Conclusive Illusions



{mooblock=In Front Of The Green Beach Umbrella}

Yielding a small patch of solitude
on a crowded beach
he executed Tai Chi with
slow, deliberate movements,
a testament to his mastery;
his gray hair braided, his muscles firm.

She, in lotus pose,
with the incoming tide
lapping over her legs that
didn't break her yoga trance
but added to her
oneness with the earth.

Later, they shared tofu and organics,
never craving a sip of wine.
Helen D'Ordine © 2011