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Pat Hegnauer

Pat Hegnauer is an actor, playwright, and director who returned to Rhode Island from New York.  Her poetry has published widely and includes 2 River Review, Adagio Verse Quarterly, Lily Lit Review, Moondance, Newport Review, Pedestal Magazine, Poems Niederngasse, SaucyVox, Scrivener's Pen, SouthernHum, T-Zero, Tattoo Highway, The Centrifugal Eye, Thunder Sandwich, Tryst, Wicked Alice.

Peg has a chapbook entitled, A Few Uncompromised Letters (Premier Poets Chapbook Series, 2004) and her work is included in the anthology, Regrets Only (Little Pear Press, 2006).



 Pat's Origami micro-chapbooks & selected poems are available below.

Origami Micro-chapbook 

Selected Poem(s)

Dear Whoever You Are


{mooblock=Dear Sir}

Dear sir:
Enclosed please find
my heart, my lost mind
my shrink’s bill
my prescription for prozac.
My sweetest memory,
Hello from Rhode Island.
The gulls are crying
clams are tight
it’s raining, again.
Pat Hegnauer © 2010


Salted Wounds


{mooblock=Buried in Books}

I wanted to read to my dying father,
cart his recumbent body and mind
to my room stacked with books;
cluttered chamber where I was confused
by men far greater than he.

I wanted to confess the cot
where I’d been ravished
by Ginsberg, Miller, and Williams,
plot to concoct his existential death,
jacket the corpse with pages of Sartre,
officiate by reading Prufrock's Song.

But Lewis was deaf, determined
to die ignorant, unread.

Defeated, rejected,
I retreated behind locked doors
to hide my bookish heart
in a heap of brilliant leaves.
Pat Hegnauer © 2009