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Joan Fishbein

Joan Fishbein's work has appeared in The Southern Poetry Anthology: Volume One, The Kennesaw Review, The Devil's Millhopper, Helicon Nine, Poetica, The Reach of Song,The Best of Sand Hills and other small literary magazines. She won first prize for poetry at the 2008 Chattahoochee Valley Writer's Conference and graduated from Vassar with a BA in English and from Warren Wilson College with an MFA in poetry.

Her poetry is included in The Poets Loft anthology, Nine New England Poets on love and loss. Edited by Beatrice Lazarus, it includes poems by Nancy E. Brown, James Cronin, Michael Crowley, Diane Dolphin, Joan Fishbein, Karen Haskell, Maureen Lapre, Beatrice Lazarus, Sandra Moran. 
Projected Release date: May 25, 2014.  Order here from Main Street Rag.

Joan's Origami micro-chapbooks & selected poems are available below.

Origami Micro-chapbook

Selected Poem(s)

in poetry and verse

'Sleight of Hand' was selected
for this commemorative collection.
(Also see 'Random Acts of Poetry')
Photo by Richard Benjamin
- by kind permission -

{mooblock=Sleight Of Hand}

the free-fall ride
soft ice cream store
wood planks whose undersides
played my weekend passageway
through puberty
where I tried my first French kiss
drank warm illegal beer
smoked my brother's cigarettes
my favorite summer span
seagulls pelted with clam shells
my childhood cotton candy
jelly apple jamboree
my home town boardwalk
slashed crashed pulverized
by earth's chaotic sleight of hand
taste of the greenhouse gassed future
I have no doubt we'll confect again
Joan Fishbein © 2013


Fact  Of The Matter


Cover art by
Jill McLaughlin
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Japan counts
as a consequential nuclear consumer
fish water trees fundamental
humans are
the country’s principle resource
Joan Fishbein © 2011


More Than A Sign



Cover art by
Jill McLaughlin
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{mooblock=Interior Modifications}

a dream kindled
by some sublime candle
a jade crane grounded
on a glass top table
views of tumbling objects
a white cat flipped upside down
clothes cleaning in a washing machine
swept pebbles that make a garden
I fall through feet first
as I watch flying roaches
smash against sun porch windows
a voice says you have abandoned me
piece by piece
make interior modifications
unlock the clock
behind the wall
rewind yourself

Joan Fishbein © 2010



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