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Marty Giovan

Marty Giovan has been practicing as a registered poetry therapist facilitating the art of poem-making for more than 2 decades.  She has a masters degree in Creative Arts Education and is also the author of Mind Mender, a "how to" source book for expressive interventions. She has been a poet in the school system in Rhode Island and in the Virgin Islands as the "hidden agenda" in English classes. Mind Mender has also been used with poetry in elderly groups. Marty is best known for her collections of creative and life-affirming poems written by prison populations.

She conducts a seminar, Poetic Medicine, at All That Matters in Wakefield, RI.


Marty's origami micro-chapbook & selected poems are available below.

Origami Micro-chapbook

Selected Poem(s)

Want Ads


{mooblock=Wanted:  House Friend}

A ‘house friend’
Must love horror movies
Purple walls
And cats in bed.

Must know hot to rub tired toes
Wear few clothes
Pack picnic munchies
Field my images
And plant my field!

I like long walks
To gather wood
To start warm fires
Over hot rum toddies

I am a talker
And a listener
A kisser and a snuggler
Come and be my house friend
Call, if interested
Marty Giovan © 2011


My Vegetable Family


{mooblock=My Cousin}

My cousin was a watermelon
Full of black, slippery seeds
That could choke you
When you slurped her juices.
Once we poured a fifth of vodka
Inter her pink, ripe roundness.
We thought it would mellow her.
That’s when she joined A.A.!
Marty Giovan © 2010