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Margo Roby


 Margo Roby spent the first twenty years of her life in Hong Kong, where her parents met and married and stayed. She spent the second twenty years of her life following her army husband around the world with their two children. The second twenty overlapped with the third by two years.  Her husband’s last posting was Jakarta, Indonesia where they lived for twenty years while Margo taught at the international school. Now retired and living in Atlanta, Margo can concentrate her energy on poetry for the next twenty.

Visit her blogsite, http://margoroby.wordpress.com/ for poetry prompts and insights.

Margo's Origami micro-chapbooks & selected poems are available below.

Origami Micro-Chapook

Selected Poem(s)



{mooblock=Tsunami: Aftermath}

An elderly woman shuffles through
the debris, using the broken shaft
of a golf club as a makeshift cane.
A few people wander the mud-
flats picking over the rubble--
the wave has swallowed roads,
gulped buildings, devoured lives,
leaving behind an unfamiliar
landscape made up of a strange
new fabric: morgues, evacuation
centers, a vast expanse of mud--
and everywhere, a silence
uncomfortable, as if waiting.
Margo Roby © 2011


Colour Palette


Cover art by Jan Keough

{mooblock=Jakarta Street Market}

As I walk up the street
in the no colour of a newly
washed dawn
before me
just over a rise
a mass of little yellow suns
glowing in their yellowness
a mound of squash
off the gray and dirty pavement.
Margo Roby © 2010


{mooblock=Hong Kong}

The flame trees spread
in a line like
a vermilion gash
across the throat of
the mountain.
Margo Roby © 2010