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Bill Carpenter

 Bill Carpenter recently compled a long collection of his poetry called Templates: collected poems. Contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for purchase.  The book "explores universal patterns using the poet's toolbox of language, metaphor and simile.  It is an effort to empathically understand and connect our world."  It contains selected poems from Meaderings, Vestigial Wings, Templates and newer poems grouped under a heading called 'Postcards.'  The book is 72 pages, soft-cover printed through Create Space. 

Bill's poetry has appeared in such journals as Runes, Blueline, Chest, Balancing the Tides, July Literary Press and the RI Writer’s Circle Anthology, He’s a member of the Ocean State Poets whose mission is to bring poetry and give voice to divergent populations, such as prisoners and children at risk.

* Bill's poem, "Arms Wide Open" is a finalist in the Origami Poems Kindness Contest 2016.  His poem can be found under the Introspection category in the Origami Poems anthology The Best of Kindness available on Amazon.


Bill's Origami microchaps & selected poems are available below. Click on the title to download a printable, one-page PDF.  Free poetry!

Origami Microchap

Selected Poem(s)


Cover: Raven Restores the Stars,
button blanket in the style of Native
Americans of the Pacific Northwest
by Emily Westcott

Photo by Bill Carpenter

Love Triangle

The Land basks
in her suitors’ attentions,
aroused by Sky’s
torrid caresses,
lifting her tidal skirts
to Ocean’s brine,
blushing in foreplay,
she gives herself freely to both.

But Sky is a jealous lover,
smothering Land,
turning green at
Ocean’s advances.
The Sky scrolls love letters
on clouds to dissuade her
from Ocean’s pandering.
His missives range
from pastel dusks and dawns
to dark rants billowing wrath.

Nor will Ocean
willingly share the lover
he cannot stop kissing.
As they lie together
beneath suspicious heaven,
hopeful of touching
places only Sky can reach,
Ocean washes ever higher
up the rocky knees of her shores.

This struggle unravels
as heartache for Land’s inhabitants,
who thrive on the planet’s
marbled blue harmony,
but cower when Land
spurs her suitors to jealousy
as they whip up cyclones
and ocean-driven maelstroms,
when all earthlings can do
is pray to their gods,
amid the throes
of these tempestuous lovers.
Bill Carpenter © 2015

Kayaking the River Styx

Cover Photo by Bill Carpenter

Dream Time

Our kayak cuts through
the unevenly toned darkness,
wakes aglow
in bioluminescence,
each stroke
a green-white flame
below the black surface-
an aurora borealis
beneath the sea.
In this world,
of darting fish
and kelp beds
as thick as cables,
we shake stardust
into the depths.
It's dream time-
as we listen for blackfish,
imagining them surfacing
in brilliantly
illuminated auras.
Bill Carpenter  © 2014

Creation Myths


Cover artwork by Bill Carpenter


Creation Myth - Whales

I. Gray Whale
She rises
with a “humph”
a misty exhalation
over Magdalena Bay.
Her back encrusted
with barnacles and amphipods
as if carrying a dark arc of sky
full of star clusters and dust,
nebulae and contrails,
planets and moons,
an untold creation myth,
a seafaring galaxy.
Her long spine
ridged with knuckles,
this storied sea serpent
or “devil fish”
has come to calve
in sheltered lagoons.
Surfacing and submerging,
lifting her fluke,
and plunging into the deep
leaving a massive oval footprint,
a black hole in her wake.
Bill Carpenter  © 2011

Selections From Templates



Cover artwork by Bill Carpenter

Ode to the Wind

Oh, to be the wind,
cling to you like rain,
run invisible fingers through your hair,
sculpt your cotton dress
to your contours like Venus,
run away with your sweet perfume
tossing it like petals in my wake.
To billow your skirts,
animate your breath with my spirit
flowing in your veins as life;
to cling, caress
and kiss
your moist mouth dry.
Oh, to be the wind
and take you as my lover.
Bill Carpenter  © 2010