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Matt Wedlock

Matt Wedlock grew for a while in southern MA and RI.  Maneuvered through High School. Graduated (don't ask me how) from Bridgewater State College.

Co-founder of the Word of Mouth Coalition (something like poets who recycle work with fire). Reading poetry with friends who create the memories, stories and lessons I am learning.

The blog he runs is everypaupersnickers.blogspot.com



Matt's Origami micro-chapbook and selected poem are available below.

Origami Micro-chapboook

Selected Poem(s)

Bones, of Animal Tooth


To George Dutra

{mooblock=face the dawn}

sober is an angry word
drunk is a four letter scrabble answer
worth points several,
when you talk, like a seductive robot
I flinch, a rabbit at carrot stalk
whispering secrets
my teeth like marble to acid
beer to pinky Zelda heart cheek
talking, and we are awake on anti-
anti-anxiety pills melting chalky sweet
on left half of upper tongue
details motionless against insufflated
less full,
more for th
e taking
Matt Wedlock © 2010