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Audrey Friedman

Audrey Friedman's work appears in numerous journals including the California Quarterly, The Newport Review, The Black Buzzard Review, The Comstock Review, Diner, and Heartbeats III: Jewish Writers at Their Best from Targum Press.

Audrey's chapbook, "Gallery of the Surreal," is available from Premier Poets Press, Middletown, RI.



► Audrey's micro-chapbook and selected poem are available below.

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Poem Titles

At The Mime And Mask Theater  

, and At the Mime and Mask Theater
have appeared in Contemporary Haibun Online.  
It’s Dark in Here
has appeared in the print anthology,
Contemporary Haibun, Volume 10 by Red Moon Press.

{mooblock=Feng Shui}

The cobalt Limoges vase is gaudy with gold
roses. I am trying to de-clutter,
but for every thing I toss, I put three others
aside "to consider." The silk
scarf still holds her Estee Lauder fragrance.
The Persian lamb coat with
black mink collar is dated, way too big for
me, and so heavy it’s a burden.
Silver serving platters are scratched and tarnished;
the plating is barely there.

defy banishment
I weep each Spring
Audrey Friedman © 2009