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O.R. Gami

O.R. Gami  can be seen wandering wooded paths and fields in search of the perfect Origami.  She claims to be friends with Jan Keough but this cannot be confirmed.





  O.R. Gami's micro-chapbooks and selected poems are available below.

Origami Micro-chapbook

Selected Poem(s)

in poetry and verse

'Haiku' was chosen
for this commemorative collection.
(Also see 'Random Acts of Poetry')
Photo by Richard Benjamin
- by kind permission -


waves remind the shore
of promises to return
footsteps wash away

semi-circle chairs
poet’s podium aligned
words remind the world

O.R Gami © 2013


A Cup of Origami
   (Commemorating First Origami Reading)  




My tea amigos
sip their delicacies
without haste
or caffeine.
They linger, they twirl,
they flavor their world
with honey.

Coffee conspirators
want mugs that handle
every degree of need -
am, pm,
bold or mild.
They’re steeping wisdom
in time to rewind.
O.R. Gami © 2009


As Fall Sets In
(Autumn 2009 Commemorative)




{mooblock=The Nuisance of Weather}

You have to live with weather.
Let it lick your face
elbow your plans
tumble you into the jet stream.

You change and rearrange
the coat the shoes the attitude.

Sunshine when you need shade,
Rainfall to muddy every note,
Cartons of slush in the mailbox.
Long, dim days that track
the floor with uncaring -
Tell them to wipe their feet.
O.R. Gami © 2009





































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