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Lynne Viti

Viti Lynne 
Lynne Viti was born and raised in Baltimore. She is a senior lecturer in the Writing Program at Wellesley College. Her first poetry chapbook, Baltimore Girls, (Finishing Line) was published in March, 2017.
She blogs at stillinschool.wordpress.com

Lynne's microchap & selected poem are available below. 

Origami Microchap

Selected Poem(s)



Lynne Viti CVR Punting 2017 

Cover: Stylized view of river Cam



Elvis had just died in Memphis—he was just forty-two.
You and I’d just moved in together,
to a third floor walkup in Brookline.
We were just in Cambridge for a couple days,
long enough to rent a punt,
travel up the River Cam for just a few lazy hours.
I lay back in the boat while you pushed the pole,
I read aloud the King’s obit from the Herald-Trib.
Just the two of us on a calm Tuesday,
drifting, then and later, back home,
for a short while, not quite in love,
just close, a stepping stone
was what we had, just enough for then,
a short prelude to our separate lives.
Now, a fragment of that day
comes back:  your boyish laugh,
your golden curls glinting in the English sun.

Lynne Viti © 2017