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Michele Baron

Michele BaronMichele Baron
World-traveler, former Fulbright Scholar Michele Baron currently lives in Kyrgyzstan. Ms. Baron develops outreach projects, writes poetry, prose, non-fiction, has self-published three books: A Modest Menu: Poverty, Hunger and Food Security, in Poetry and Prose and A Holiday Carol, and blue wings unfolding so far, and is a visual/performance artist. 
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Michele's microchap & selected poem are available below. 

Origami Microchap

Selected Poem(s)

fold of seasons



Michele Baron CVR fold of seasons 2017 Rev

Cover photo/design by author 



mown hay

each hilltop waved with flowered grasses

while sun coaxed music from bird and wind

nomad herdsmen, dogs, furred horses,

sheep, and goats, and sometimes cows


children play, long summer shadows,

berries hiding, lush on stems,

bees and butterflies, finding golden

pollen, for honey, and silk-thread cocoons


yurts move, felt walls easily folded,

easily patched if winds come peering through,

wooden framework guarding night dreams,

rugs for floor, clouds and clear skies above


lower down, farmers mow grass

food for herds’ long cold winter months

barns and houses have sturdy walls


but I would not trade them 

for the stars and sun of summer hills

Michele Baron © 2017





lives in Winston-Salem, NC, with her husband and dog, Cookie. 

            She has most recently been published in Piedmont Plus Senior Games, Jonah Magazine,   Sheila-Na-Gig, Haiku Journal, and Failed Haiku and is a member of the NC Haiku Society

            and Winston-Salem Writers. She keeps busy working two jobs, adoring her three very young         grandsons, painting, and running.  She loves the ocean, travel and dark chocolate.  Visit her    website www.reneebutner.wordpress.com.


            Renee Butner particularly loves the ocean, running, painting, her three young

            grandsons, and dark chocolate.  She has most recently been published in Jonah

            Magazine, Sheila-Na-Gig, and Haiku Journal.  She is a member of the NC

            Haiku Society.  

Michele Baron