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Julia Klatt Singer

Julia Klatt Singer 2017
Julia Klatt Singer has two books of poetry, a chapbook and a set of short stories published. ('A Tangled Path to Heaven' and 'Untranslatable' by North Star Press, 'In the Dreamed of Places' by Naissance Press, and '12 Branches: Stories from St. Paul' by Coffee House Press.)
When not writing poetry, she is the poet in residence at Grace Nursery School. Yes, that's right, she writes poetry with 3 to 5 year-olds. (They write it, she just put the words down for them). And she works as a visiting writer in the schools through Compas.

Julia's microchap & selected poem are available below. 

Origami Microchap

Selected Poem(s)

A Small Promise at Your Door



Julia Klatt Singer CVR Small Promise at Your Door 2017

Cover art by author



The Map of our World

We mapped out our world
in the empty lot.
Scratched our love
into the dirt.
When the rain came
let it river, let it glisten
on our skin.

Julia Klatt Singer © 2017