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Claude Clayton Smith

Claude Clayton Smith

Claude Clayton Smith is Professor Emeritus of English at Ohio Northern University and the author of 8 books and co-editor/translator of two others, most recently MEDITATIONS After the Bear Feast: The Poetic Dialogues of N. Scott Momaday and Yuri Vaella (Shanti Arts, 2016).

His own work has been translated into five languages, including Russian and Chinese.




Origami Microchap
Selected Poem(s)
Six Sonnets


Claude Clayton Smith CVR Six Sonnets 2017


Until, Nuclear Impact, Shabda Press anthology,
2017. 1st Place, American Aesthetic Sonnet Competition,
2016. Out of Sequence: The Sonnets
Remixed, ed. D. Gilson, Parlor Press, 2015.
Of Temperament, 1st place: Great River Shakespeare
Festival Sonnet Competition, Winona, MN.
Summer 2013.
A Sonnet for Old Glory, 1st place, Greater Lima
(OH) Competition, 1988


For Salt

When particles of eccentricity
explain away the world that I embrace
with wonder and with love; when gravity
creates new worlds of fire and ice in space

at distances impossible to ken;
and when, they say, we parallel this life
well, then, — in simultaneous other lives
it’s time to rethink everything anew:

the way we talk of trilobites and one-
celled prokaryotes and paramecia, too;
the way we leave our enemies undone;
the way to find a way for me and you.

A day is but a day unless we halt
the universe with several grains of salt.

Claude Clayton Smith © 2017
Claude Clayton Smith CVR Love Notes 2017
Cover: Muses,
a Syroco wall hanging
Poem #4 appeared with a different
epigraph and in slightly different form,
in Arch and Quiver (2006)
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Each day
I discover you
Some offhand word
or gesture
stops me
where I stand
and marks
my love for you
from that point on.

Claude Clayton Smith © 2017