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Swati Ghatpande

Swati Ghatpande is an aspiring writer and has been writing poetry since the age of 12.  Poetry, for her, is a way to relate to people and express simple thoughts in an intense way. She's happy to have found the OPP and appreciates the opportunity it provides to established poets as well as to aspiring ones.

She works in the area of medical communications, and lives in Allen, TX with her husband and two daughters.

Swati's microchap & selected poem(s) are available below. 

Origami Microchap
Selected Poem(s)
Cover art by
Saniya Pendharkar
Every Origami Microchap
may be printed, for free,
from this website.


A fresh wound
Neatly packed with a clot
Dense and fibrilose, a perfect plot.
The pink dermis peeps through a crack
Ready to emerge, everything’s on track
But do not scratch before time
Or you may find
That it has left a scar behind.

Swati Ghatpande © 2017