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Cathy Barber

Cathy Barber's poetry has been published recently in Pinyon, SLAB and Kestrel in the anthologies, The Cancer Poetry Project 2, which won Midwest Book Awards’ Best Poetry Book of 2013, and Changing Harm to Harmony, an anthology about bullying. Atlas and Alice nominated her “Three Short Love Poems,” for a Best of the Net award 2015. She is a graduate of the Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA in Writing program.

Cathy's microchap & selected poem(s) are available below.  Open the single-page PDF or selected poem(s) by clicking the titles.

Origami Microchap

Selected Poem(s)


Cover: Spring fresco, Akrotiri, Greece
Wikipedia: Public Domain
This poem, written in 2010, was published in
Canary in 2015 in a slightly different form.
Every Origami Microchap
may be printed, for free,
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They were the imagination
of our planet.  Let us have a bird
that lives here and spirals so,
and migrates in a sky-blanketing
single movement from Quebec to Texas.
Are wrens and robins
better than the Dodo?  
Three wishes, which would you choose?
Cathy Barber © 2017