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Oz Hardwick

Oz Hardwick  is a York-based poet, photographer, music journalist, and occasional musician. He has published countless poems internationally, in journals and anthologies, as well as having work performed in musical settings and as part of art and film collaborations. His most recent poetry collection is The Ringmaster’s Apprentice (Valley Press, 2014), and he is co-author, with Amina Alyal, of the Saboteur-shortlisted Close as Second Skins (IDP, 2015).

As a viable alternative to poverty, Oz is Professor of English at Leeds Trinity University, and has written extensively on misericords and animal iconography in the Middle Ages under the pseudonym of Paul Hardwick.

In a perfect world, Oz would be bassist in a Belgian space-rock band.



Oz Hardwick's microchap & selected poem(s) are available below.  Download the single-page microchap by clicking the title.  To read the selected poem, also click the title.

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Selected Poem(s)

The Firefox Suite


Cover: Violet Night Starfire by Lauri Burke w/JK
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I fell asleep to vulpine dreams,
soft as fur in firelight. Night
led me through lost streets
where nothing moved but a young fox
with ancient eyes that shone like water
in a dark well. I’ll tell your fate,
he told me, laying out cards like a clock,
a wheel, a maze, circling round
a tower struck by lightning, then laughing
left me alone, with a thousand foxes
burning bright behind my eyes.
Oz Hardwick © 2016