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Daniel Blokh

Daniel Blokh is a 15-year-old writer and author of In Migration (BAM! Publishing, 2016), available now on booksamillion.com. His work has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, Foyle Young Poets, Cicada Magazine, Thin Air magazine, and more. He is an editor at Parallel Ink.




Daniel's Origami micro-chapbook & selected poem are available below. Click the title to download the one-page PDF micro-chapbook.

Origami Micro-Chapbook 

Selected Poem(s)

The Wading Room

Cover art: Tune on a Broken Comb
by Lauri Burke

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{mooblock=Sheep Ribs Bloom}

At night I do not sleep
because there is a train passing
someone else’s window.
I hear it distantly, imagine
the boy in the house next to it
listening to the engine breathe
past him, and I wonder
if this boy is thinner than me.
I listen to my own breath
and think, Am I a good person?

I think of how I might die,
my body splitting open,
pink tongues around me
like fire, like maggots.
Then, though that sort of death
wouldn’t be bad, I feel very lonely.
I think of hiding in the space
of one of the walls around me.
I would never fit. Maybe
the boy in the house by the train
could, but not me. I lie and breathe
and watch the shadow
shifting outside the window.

The lower end of a leg
or only a shoe painted with
moonlight. It calms me down.
The shadows outside spin
like feathers in water,
round and round.
It calms me down and my heart
beats slower, but I still can’t sleep.
How evil of my own hands
not to let me sleep! My own eyes
becoming the suns they run from.
My eyelids burnt dark red
from their touch. My eyelids
are uncomfortable, so I keep them above.
So I watch the shadows outside.
The shadows look much
much thinner than me.
If I could only swallow light.

Daniel Blokh © 2016