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Neil Leadbeater

Neil Leadbeater is an international author, editor, essayist, poet  and critic living in Edinburgh, Scotland. His short stories, articles and poems have been published widely in anthologies and journals both at home and abroad.

His most recent books are Librettos for the Black Madonna (White Adder Press, Scotland, 2011); The Worcester Fragments (Original Plus Press, England, 2013); The Loveliest Vein of Our Lives (Poetry Space, England, 2014), The Fragility of Moths (Bibliotheca Universalis, Romania, 2014) and Sleeve Notes (Bibliohteca Universalis, Romania, 2016). A selection of his poems in Spanish, La Transmissión de la Noche is due to be published in Buenos Aires, Argentina, later this year.

He is a regular reviewer for the on-line journal Galatea Resurrects (A Poetry Engagement) (USA) and his work has been translated into Romanian, Spanish and Swedish.

Neil's Origami micro-chapbook & selected poem are available below. Click the title to download the one-page PDF micro-chapbook.

Origami Micro-Chapbook 

Selected Poem(s)

The Hybrids of Heuchera



Cover art:
Heuchera Leaf by Lauri Burke
The poem Gunnera first appeared
in Poetry Space (UK)

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How we mistreated you,
tore off your leaves
to rub against our skin
hoping that you would take the
sting out of living.
We hurt you
because we ourselves were hurt.
We lashed out
and left the nettle alone.
It was cowardly, I know,
and our shame grew
like the green stain
you left on us
the mark on the palm
of the hand.

Neil Leadbeater © 2016