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Abraham Ogebe Adonduwa

Abraham Ogebe Adonduwa is a writer of poetry and short stories and has been published in a few international literary journals and magazines... He hopes to publish more poems and more stories about his beloved home Nigeria, and he also hopes to learn how to fold Origami perfectly.





Abraham's Origami micro-chapbook & selected poem are available below.  Download the single-page micro-chapbook by clicking the title.  To read the selected poem, also click on the title.

Origami Micro-Chapbook 

Selected Poem(s)

The Traveller


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{mooblock=The Hour Before Dawn}

The hour before dawn hesitates
Victory is long overdue
I can almost tell you how it tastes
In a swelling chorus of soulful idiosyncrasy
With lustfulness and zest
I can sing ballads of pride and conquest
But my heart is weak and weary
The road is long and dark
And downright dreary but
Sweet victory awaits
At the brightening of the clouds
I must trudge on
A little rest to catch my breath
And while I sit and watch
Surrounded by my lonely thoughts
It comes to me again
At that blissful hour
That I could be more
If I only dare
But like the hour before dawn
I hesitate.
Abraham Ogebe Adonduwa © 2014


{mooblock=Loss of Innocence}

As a little boy I was robbed of my innocence
Forced into early coitus
Doomed to perish by my heavy conscience
Floundering through my youth
Like a blind man groping his way in the darkness
I hung precariously on the edge of
sanity and madness
When I remember the sticky red blood
the searing pain as he tore through my rectum
I want to kill myself
Either by drowning or by hanging
Or perhaps I could jump off
Third Mainland bridge
get swept away by the fierce waves
of the Atlantic Ocean
And as my soul departs from my body
My innocence will trail behind
Casting a long shadow.
I really want to die
But I want to kill him first
Abraham Ogebe Adonduwa © 2014