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Martha Clarkson

Martha Clarkson is a corporate designer and receives mail in Kirkland Washington.

She is a writer of poetry and fiction and is not adept at folding origami but glad to be part of this. Martha won best short story for Anderbo's 2012 contest and has notable mentions in "Best Non-Required Reading" two years in a row.








Martha's Origami microchap & selected poem are available below.

Origami Microchap

Selected Poem(s)

In Between



Cover: Jendrek's drawing of his First Communion


Today I learned that poets
have shorter lifespans
than the national average
                 is the figure –
shorter, even, than all other writers
which may be a case
of shorter work shorter life
or simply the average of ripe
old Whitman, Frost
with the young carnage of Sexton,
Plath, and all the angst
slit across the years.

We can take up wheat farming
to reach eighty-six
or carpentry
for seventy-nine
even barbering with
those straight razors
will buy a few more years
us hiding in the back room
trimming words into poems.
Martha Clarkson © 2014