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Marjorie Gaunt

Marjorie Gaunt has been published in Yankee Magazine, Crone's Nest, Newport Review and The Providence Journal.

Her Letter to Rowland (to her husband who died in WWII) was featured in a choral presentation: Songs of Love & War composed by Paul Morevec and presented in Carnegie Hall on March 4, 2008 by The Oratorio Society of New York.

Marjorie's Origami micro-chapbooks & selected poems are available below.

Origami Micro-chapbook

Selected Poem(s)

Little Things

“Truly, I find myself struggling
with being in my 90's…
strange because age never
bothered me before.
All in my head, of course.
I'm better now."

{mooblock=Bits and Pieces}

I keep finding
bits of you lying
around  as today
there you are
I push the tape button
in my car
and smile to hear
your special song
then in the freezer
find a half-eaten carton
of raspberry ice-cream
and leafing through
a strange magazine
it occurs
you have crossed
so many thresholds
I can only grasp
at bits and pieces
as you pass
Marjorie Gaunt © 2010


Love and Blessings



{mooblock=Finding Buttercups}

I wander where wind is bending
grasses in the meadow
and I look for you
your luminous cups of gold
filled with sunlight
my mother sought you
for a small bouquet
and taught me
that holding your golden light
beneath my chin
reflected your glory
she placed you in a blue bowl
yellow and blue
like the colors of the flag
of her childhood homeland
with its fields of gold
stretching beneath the blue of the sky
Marjorie Gaunt © 2009