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Bradley McIlwain

Bradley McIlwain lives in Ontario, Canada where he is inspired by songs in nature, and examining our relationships within it. His poems have appeared in the New Verse News, The Open Mouse, Platform Magazine (Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia) and in anthologies such as Something’s Brewing, Kind of a Hurricane Press (2014), The 5-2 Crime Poetry Weekly Vol. 2 (2013) and in Love Notes: A Collection of Romantic Poetry from Vagabondage Press (2012).

Bradley graduated from the University of Toronto's iSchool, where he received his M.I. in Library and Information Science. His new book of poems, Elementals (IOWI, 2015) is now available on
Amazon and Indigo.

Note: Every Origami micro-chapbook may be downloaded & printed from the website.

Bradley's Origami micro-chapbooks & selected poems are available below.  You may also listen to his reading of the selected poem, Three Mile Lake, while reading the text.

Origami Micro-Chapbook 

Selected Poem(s)

Holding On

Moonlight Contemplation
by Lauri Burke


{mooblock=Holding On}


you are light years from here
but so close like a falling star

did I wish on you? I needed a

Some days I feel so far
sinking into the space

of what’s incomplete —
Dreams flicker in faded

foxfires of what could be.
Your silence more powerful

than words. There is a ghost
now where a soul should be.

Your poems shine moonlight
on my skin

when I am lost, holding on
to your smile
Bradley  McIlwain © 2016


Philosophers Walk


Cover: Digital Art by Susan Lucas
Listen to Bradley McIlwain read
Three Mile Lake

{mooblock=Three Mile Lake}

There are whispers in the
cedar —

out here, cold cuts breath
like bone

Birds crack twilight
effortless as manna

In the morning I will
break camp with fog —

wander listless valleys
lucid as a salmon in rain
Bradley  McIlwain © 2014