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Garrett Phelan

Garrett Phelan is the author of the poetry book Outlaw Odes (Antrim House 2015) and a micro-chapbook Unfixed Marks (Origami Poems Project 2014). His poems have appeared in a variety of publications including English Journal, Potomac Review, The Found Poetry Review, Word Riot, Off the Coast and in the anthology Poetic Art 2010 (Workhouse Arts Center).

He taught for many years in Washington, DC area high schools, and has taught creative writing under the auspices of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Washington National Opera, and a variety of other organizations. He presently teaches poetry in one of Connecticut’s prisons.


Garrett's Origami micro-chapbooks & selected poems are available below along with two audio recordings.  Click the mp3 link to hear and read his poems If Only You Knew and Night Walk.

Origami Micro-Chapbook 

Selected Poem(s)

Standing where I am


Cover art by Garrett Phelan

Every Origami Micro-chapbook
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{mooblock=I Am Brief}

As brief as grass,
a wisp of fog.
A fly blows past.

A breath in.

The cricket
so does my heart-
now, now, now
and now.

A breath out.

I am brief.
I come, I go.
I am.
I was.
Garrett Phelan © 2016


Unfixed Marks


Cover Art from the Web
Hear Garrett read If Only You Knew

{mooblock=If Only You Knew}

Reduced to just a mouth
shrouded or veiled, I’m not sure.

If only you knew
the pull of the tide
on your lips,

the smooth movement
of water over stones,
the whisper of your breath,



The words so silent,
and gentle,
they hurt.
Garrett Phelan © 2014


Hear Garrett read Night Walk

{mooblock=Night Walk}

When we walk to the sea
the crescent moon glistens on wet rocks.
I scan dark matter for my soul.
I scrutinize your face, look
for the cosmos or seek the milky way
in your warm hand.
In the gap in the middle of your thought,
the brute stars laugh,
I climb the embankment
by the stone wall beside the road.
I feel your breath trailing me
as if your vapour tracks me
to our house near the sea.
Garrett Phelan @ 2014



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