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Andy N

Andy N is a 42 year old writer, writer, performer and sometimes experimental musician from the North West of England but seen most around Manchester, Trafford, Tameside and Bolton.

His first full length book of poetry through N Press 'Return to Kemptown' in 2010 and the second book, a split book with Jeff Dawson (aka Jeffarama) 'A Means to an End' was published at the end of 2011.  His third, a split book with Nick Armbister came out in April 2014 called 'Europa' which covers stories of how war impacts ordinary people.

Next up will be his second full length book 'the end of summer' which'll probably with a touch of luck in 2014 or 2015 and will be the end of a sequence first started with Return to Kemptown.

He has been published in numerous books and magazines and has been performing in some form or the other since 2006 and regularly since 2008. More details of his experience can be seen at this here.  

He is also vocalist and keyboardist in the spoken word collective 'A Means to an End'  and is currently working on a album with American Writer Amanda Silbernagel.  He has side projects such as Twisted Promise (with P.R. Mcdowell), Europa (with Nick Armbister) and A Means to an End II (with Jeffarama!)and the setting up of the Unity Media Collective.

His official website is http://www.andyn.org.uk and he is always interested in performing / new projects. His email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Some comments on Andy N's Mystery Story:

"Andy N mesmerises his reader by taking them on a visual journey of imagination with a flow of words." - Katie Haigh
"Mystery Story gives a tantalizing insight into Andy's mind. It unfolds and flows,through the senses like a cool mountain stream before plunging you over the waterfall round the next bend." - Allan Gray/Gordon Zola

Andy's Origami micro-chapbook & selected poem are available below.

Origami Micro-Chapbook 

Selected Poem(s)

Mystery Story


Cover Art: Catch the Moon by Lauri Burke

{mooblock=The Way Out}

Words gobbled out across
The middle of woodland
Nestled in a portal
Of forgotten bed stories,
Half opened at dusk
Bent yellow in static
Kicking leaves onto rocks
Stung in maddened tongue
Crying for a way out
In broken poetry.
Andy N © 2014