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Charlene Neely

Charlene Neely has been a dishwasher, waitress, cook, babysitter, nurse’s aide, stock clerk, elevator operator, paste-up artist, service girl at a candy factory, Fuller Brush man, Avon lady, printer, copy machine operator, circuit board imager, wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, chauffeur and sometimes tries to put it all into poetry. She is published in anthologies and magazines and mails silly postcard poems to friends and family.  2016 update: Her new book of poetry and photographs, The Lights of Lincoln, will be out soon.

Her email motto is "The home of a poet is full of Delight!" 

* Charlene's poem, "The Poem I Should Have Written," is included under the Introspection category in the Origami Poems anthology The Best of Kindness available on Amazon.

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Selected Poem(s)

Soup Dreams

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Soup Dreams

A big bowl of tomato soup
and me in search of a spoon.
The drawer was full of bees,
I took the bees to the backyard
only to find their hive
covered with bath towels
which I folded and returned
to the cupboard. The shoes
that fell out when I opened
the door marched off with me
in a parade down Main Street
where I found a haberdashery
that had one spoon but
when I returned home
the dog had lapped up
every drop of my soup.
Charlene Neely © 2014

Lessons Learned

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My father came from a place
that was always moving

from one end of the country
to the other and back again.

From the end of the line
where the railroad stopped,

they doubled back to Tennessee
and then to Denver, the Mile High City.

When moves came before the end
of the school year, home was whoever

would take him in and feed him.
He learned early to fend for himself.

He learned that every ending
was just another beginning.
Charlene Neely © 2014