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Jason Heroux

Jason Heroux is the author of 4 poetry collections, Memoirs of an Alias, Emergency Hallelujah, Natural Capital, and Hard Work Cheering Up Sad Machines, all published by Mansfield Press, and the novellas Good Evening, Central Laundromat (Quattro Books, 2010) and We Wish You a Happy Killday (Burning Bulb Publishing, 2014) . He lives with his wife in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

March 2016: Jason Heroux's fourth collection of poems, Hard work cheering up sad machines,  takes him to the laboratory. The book is marked by several long serial poems that take his work further than ever before. Working in free verse, more formal structures and the prose poem, Heroux's image-rich verse explores loss, death, angst -- but with wit, an empathetic gentleness, and magic.  It is available March 2016 on Amazon, Chapter.


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Selected Poem(s)

Notes from the All You Can Eat Buffet

Cover: Neon Sign from Google Images

{mooblock=The Daily Special}

was a lifetime of joy
and sorrow, dreams
hopes and fears.
But it went fast.
And we're all out.
All we have left
now are the bones
if you still want them.
Jason Heroux © 2016


The Vending Machine of Earthly Delights

Cover: The Garden of Earthly Delights
Hieronymus Bosch / Wikipedia
poem *
Read by Jason Heroux


After I finished my chores
I was given a raindrop
to spend in the woods
I was given a shadow
to spend in the light
a hook to spend
in the fish, a tank
to spend in the war
a bird to spend
in the cage, a shiver
to spend in the wind

Jason Heroux © 2013