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Elizabeth Stamper

Elizabeth Stamper is a poet, author, and licensed psychotherapist in private practice in Florida. She has led workshops in meditation, breathwork and yoga, energy healing, sacred relationships, inner child work and women's spirituality. Her life and practice have been enriched by studying the major religions and spiritual traditions, by "sitting at the feet" of many spiritual masters, and by traveling to pilgrimage sites around the world. She holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling, and is an Interfaith minister with ordination through the Chaplaincy Institute, Berkeley, California.

Visit her website: www.elizabethstamper.com

December 2013 update:  Elizabeth's poem, 'What the Gods Long to Give,' was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by the Origami Poems Project.

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Selected Poem(s)

Somewhere inside

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{mooblock=What the Gods Long to Give}

My to-do lists gets shorter every day.
I indulge in jigsaw puzzles, and poetry.
I need less food, only
to drink in the deep blue sea
on a bright morning.

The lesson for today -
the edge for sharpening
the soul’s teeth -
just to endure the cat’s complaining
with a murmur of compassion.

Oh, how long has the body been
tensed like this
ready to spring like a panther
at the prey of details?
How long does it take for these muscles
to inhabit a more spacious,
a more generous way?
How many crickets must raise a chorus
before I truly hear them -
Elizabeth Stamper © 2013



A small seabird circles the sky.
She is pulling
back the clouds,
Undraping the day.
And it never occurs to her
that she is too small
for such
an awesome task.

Elizabeth Stamper © 2013