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Kathy Kroener

Kathy Kroener does not have degrees nor fancy awards worth mentioning, none the less, she has lived a full life, helped by her grit and determination. She has sailed oceans, explored the tundra, and lived on an island alone, she’s paddled to icebergs, lived through a war, and has ridden thousands of waves. Kathy’s been homeless, lost and sick, no trust fund baby her, she left home early, was lonely and broke, and is well acquainted with pain. Yet somehow she has survived the years to experience these things, and more, and through it all she has sought the light, while willing to face the darkness.

She lives with her husband, George, and an elderly, long-haired feline, named the Beautiful Gray Makita, A.K.A. Her Royal Grayness.  Kathy has been a visual artist for a long time and has been a voracious reader for as long as she can remember. In more recent years she's discovered the joy of writing. Her husband claims that "it’s like turning on a faucet, the stuff just pours out."

Kathy writes the things she knows, tapping into her large reservoir of experience. She is working on a book about her life, but has found that poetry is where her heart really lies. These days Katherine is also an avid birder, as always, finding her solace in nature.

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Origami Micro-chapbook

Selected Poem(s)

In Full Purr


Cover Art: CATS
By Kathy Kroener
Cat Art Last Page: The Web


My husband informs me
the cat has the figure
and shape of a seal,
referring I suppose
to the substantial size.
Indeed it is large and sleek
and I am first to admit
that “Splendid Dark Beauty”
is incredibly heavy.
It has near reached the point
that I cannot carry her,
being as how she sags down
whenever I pick her up,
and sinks all the chi she has.
It is like I am shifting
a sack full of liquid
when I try to move the pet
and urge her out the door.
I want her out awhile
to run around for a bit
and get some exercise
which she most likely needs.
I know what she does though
she finds someplace for a nap.
Indoors or out, still the same.
Oh well, it is what it is.
That cat isn't the only one.
I can see my reflection.
Kathy Kroener © 2014


The Dignity of Silence


Cover Art: “American Bittern”
By Kathy Kroener


Skulking denizen of the marshes,
a big bird, tall, with long sharp bill.
It stands at water’s edge,
in imitation of the reeds.
Striped brown and yellow,
camouflaged and hidden,
to all but the most prying eyes.
Then a pause,
a quick thrust and jab,
with that ever so deadly bill,
another frog,
one of eight downed
in the last forty minutes,
I’ve sat, observing.
And now comes the good part.
I see the tip,
of its pointed pink tongue,
slip up one side of the long bill,
and down the other,
It did the same,
after every other frog it ate,
the satisfied bittern,
just licking its chops
Kathy Kroener © 2013


Waxing Poetic

Cover Art from the Web

{mooblock=Opening Lines to ALL MY ANCESTORS}

I don’t know who my ancestors are,
their lives are no business of mine,
but a great aunt supposedly traced a line
back to a signer of something,
some constitution or declaration,
a revolutionary activist type,
but that doesn’t mean I know them.

Kathy Kroener © 2013