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Sherry Weaver Smith

Sherry Weaver Smith is the author of Land Shapes: Selected Haiku Poems, published by Richer Resources Publications in 2011. This collection reflects meditations in nature, especially its spiraling shapes and geometric patterns. Artist Sylvia Van Strijthem has illustrated the collection with Chinese brush paintings.

Her individual poems have appeared in Arizona Literary Magazine, California Quarterly, To Topos: Poetry International, the Speak Peace international exhibit, and The Heron's Nest. Awards include a Pushcart Prize nomination for poetry (2008).


In her prosaic life, she is Grants Manager for Science Buddies, an educational nonprofit in California. She is married and enjoys writing poems along with her nine-year-old daughter, Laura. 

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Origami Micro-chapbook

Selected Poem(s)

Charing Cross

Charing was the site of one cross of twelve
that once marked the funeral procession
of Queen Eleanor of Castile
from Lincoln to Westminster Abbey in London.
In the shadows of sunset, at each spot
where the funeral procession stopped for the night,
King Edward I placed a cross for his wife.
Although only three of the crosses
on this pathway remain, the words "Charing Cross"
reflect this devotion like etchings on stone.
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{mooblock=The Ruins of the Mission of Solitude}

Grass sticks through cracks
in the floor, where sparrows hop tracks
as thin as torn strands bearing spiderlings.

A sudden flock of birds
carries away their song
like dust cast off from crushed adobe.
Where a bell should have been,
one blackbird rasps to split the day
into before and after.

All around, the world is breaking.
I try to shape one piece again, with words,
as my young daughter gathers sand for a castle.

Sherry Weaver Smith © 2013