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Martin Burke

Martin Burke is a widely published Irish poet/playwright living in Belgium.  A recent book, The Easter Ballad, is published by Words on the street Press, Galway.

From I Ching in Cervena Barva Press, he writes:
'Biography is always of two kinds. There is the external biography of places lived in, books published and plays preformed. This is legitimated and this is included - but it is not the full story. True biography occurs in the mind that confronts certain issues and then gives them form in books and poems.  So it is that when I say I live in Flanders I am not just referring to the northern Flemish speaking area of Belgium. When I say Flanders I am touching an imaginative source that covers place and history, archetype and existential fact that roots into all the work I do.'
December 2013 update: "The Dream House" was nominated for the Pushcart Prize by the Origami Poems Project.

 Martin's Origami micro-chapbooks & selected poems are available below.

Origami Micro-chapbook
Selected Poem(s)

Yew Tree Vision



{mooblock=Opening Lines}

The yew tree
The pool
The burnt stones
The evening gathering about the shire
The light forking into lesser light
The door opening into history
The name opening into other names
The memory
The prophesy

Measure the space
Six paces from the gate to the first head stone
Measure your mind
It is wandering over the fields like a drover in search of cattle
Measure the ground six feet deep and deeper
Measure the fall of a stone you do not hear the thud of
Measure the water measuring you when you reach into its depth
Martin Burke © 2013




{mooblock=The Dream House - Opening Lines}

The light exonerates
What the dark claims -
Enter and be still

The corbelled roof
Holds you to a centre
That is off-centre

A point you cannot pass beyond
A point between experience
And expectation

You are here
And not elsewhere
Where passage begins

Where times restores
The wounds and scars
Of time
To lie in stone for half a million years
                is one desire
To be its carver is another –
But what’s known beyond the clang
                of the hammer
Martin Burke © 2013