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Jenny Hudson

 Jenny Hudson has worked as a graphic designer, art teacher, and has designed and produced a line of outerwear for the boutique market. She became smitten with the Internet while designing a site for the clothing business and went on to study web design.  She has produced websites and graphics through her own business since 2002.

Now she now publishs print-on-demand books and helps authors market them through her business, Merrimack Media (http://merrimackmedia.com).

Jenny has published three of her own novels along the way and written many short stories and poems. She was the producer and host of the cable show about live jazz, Live From Chianti, and is an exhibiting digital artist.

Jenny lives in Cambridge, MA with a cat, a dog, and her guy.

 ► Jenny's Origami micro-chapbook & selected poem are available below.  (See her OPP Artist page, here.)



Origami Micro-chapbook

Selected Poem(s)

The Long Night


Cover Artwork by Jenny Hudson

{mooblock=Opening Lines}

All that’s in my dish is
Food-scented hard stuff
scooped from the bag.
I want meat from a can,
from that big box
that lights when she opens it.
But she’s a mountain,
rolled in her covers
playing dead.

Jenny Hudson © 2012



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