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Janice D Soderling

Janice D. Soderling is an American-born, prize-winning poet, writer and translator who lives in Sweden. Her work appears one or more times in over a hundred journals based in twelve countries: recently at Rattle, Antiphon, J Journal, New Verse News, Mason's Road, Laucaux Review, Prose Poem Project, American Arts Quarterly, Flash: The International Short Story Magazine. Her most recent award was fiction winner of the 30-day Able Muse Workshop published in the 2012 Summer issue. 

She has recent or forthcoming work at Ink Sweat & Tears (England), The Centrifugal Eye, The Rotary Dial (Canada), Penduline Press, About Place (USA).

December 2013 update: 

RATTLE Poetry Magazine - Sunday, December 8th, teams up with Robert Peake’s Transatlantic Poetry for a live, online poetry reading featuring Swedish poet, Janice Soderling, (RATLLE issue #37) & 2013 Rattle Poetry Prize winner Roberto Ascalon.  The idea is to bring together two poets from different sides of the pond.  To hear Roberto read his winning poem, “The Fire This Time,” go to  www.robertpeake.com/transatlantic-poetry

Janice's Origami micro-chapbook & selected poem are available below.

Origami Micro-chapbook

Selected Poem(s) 

Measuring Life

Artwork by Mo Mancini

{mooblock=Opening Lines}

How To Measure Loss: Some Suggestions
9 days were lost from Manual al-Sharif's
life while jailed in Saudi Arabia
for being a female driver.
1 million children, mostly girls,
are forced into the sex trade each year.
4 million women & girls are trafficked
each year.
99% of the Brazilian rain forest is gone.

80% of the Arctic ozone was lost in 2011,
causing a hole like the one in the Antarctic.
Janice D. Soderling © 2012


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