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Kevin Keough

Kevin Keough is a singer/songwriter and soundtrack composer who hails from the New England area and has travelled and performed extensively. His songs and compositions are full of musical creativity and his lyrics are often philosophical but always accessible.

Kevin is also a talented & patient webdesigner - he is responsible for the overall design and the persnickity updates needed on the Origami Poems website.

You can enjoy his music on his webpage, www.kevinkeough.com/


In 2011, Kevin published an illustrated children's book, Snoozy Dog




•  Kevin has created the music & sings the poems of Helen Burke ('The Healing Pool) and K. Srilata (Dreaming, Mostly of Nameless Things) on his YouTube page: Kevin Keough Music

 ► Kevin's Origami micro-chapbooks & selected poems are available below.

Origami Micro-chapbook

    Selected Poems

Horrible Poems

Poet's Disclaimer
This is not how I feel
  I just seem to have found a knack
for writing about how some people
live their lives and are willing
to accept it in dull or bitter silence.

{mooblock=When You're Sleeping}

I love you when you’re sleeping
Even more when you’re away
But when you’re in my presence
It’s just another day.
Isn’t life meant to be grander
Like Paris in the spring?
Why does it feel like stale bread
And a pocketful of lint?
I realize now what love is
Holding back my truest thoughts
Knowing they would hurt you
And that I’d rather not.
Kevin Keough © 2013




Cover photo by Jan Keough

{mooblock=4 More Pages}

I’ve set a goal,
But will that just get in the way
Of being
Of living
Free as spirit.
Or are the muses playing
Games with me,
Making me think
That I must write
4 more pages.
Kevin Keough © 2013



Cover photo by Jan Keough

{mooblock=Thank You And I Love You}

Thank you and I love you
Are the only words I need.
These million thoughts that
Used to run my brain
Aren’t needed.
I am rewiring my head
To my heart.
Did I already tell you that?
Well, no matter.
All I really want to tell you is
Thank you and I Love You.

Kevin Keough © 2012




The last page
Why did I ever set a goal
When what I have sought
Has always been here
Your love
Always right here

Kevin Keough © 2012