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Ruth Siperstein is a retired English teacher of both high school and Community College. She has been published in the Newport Review, Crone's Nest, the Heartbeat of New England, and other journals.

Other interests include music, photography, and the natural world.

She feels lucky to "live where I can see the cove and the trees, that is what often catches my imagination. I love the changing light and the magic it creates.”




Ruth's micro-chapbook & selected poem are available below.
    Origami Micro-chapbook    

Selected Poem(s)

By Design



{mooblock=from topmost branch}

from topmost branch
                        of tallest oak
a rust- colored robin calls “I spoke”
surveys the scene   plans his flight
shakes off traces of sleepy night

soars with fluttering outspread wings
cardinal adds his voice now   sings
solos blend in the serenade   there
in marshy swale they fill the air

and peep-toads drone a rhythmic bass
finches flutter and soar in graceful
arcs   adding their throaty trills
to choral offerings   now in the still

of night or calm of day often
    these avian muses guide my pen
Ruth Siperstein © 2011