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J Tomaski CVR a hundred sailboats 2017Lynne Viti CVR Punting 2017Catori Sarmiento CVT To Sleep as a River 2017




    Jan 2018
  Lynne Viti Punting Jan 2018
  Jeanie Tomasko

a hundred sailboats

Dec 2017 
  Cartori Sarmiento To Sleep as a River Dec 2017
  Julia Klatt Singer   Loteria Dec 2017
  Matthew James Friday All the Ways to Love Nov 2017
  Holly Day

One Year

Nov 2017
  John Grey Small World Made Large Nov 2017
  Alex Stolis Postcards from the Knife-Thrower Nov 2017
  Michele Baron fold of seasons Oct 2017
  Susan Moorhead  Notes for the Journey Oct 2017
   Isabelle Kenyon The Trees Whispered Oct 2017
   Martin Willitts, Jr. Before You Go Oct 2017
   Renee Butner in the morning as I run Sep 2017
   Julia Klatt Singer A Small Promise at Your Door Sep 2017
   Claude Clayton Smith Six Sonnets Aug 2017
   Martin Willitts, Jr. What would I do if you did not wait for me? Jul 2017
   Daryl Muranaka Workout Diary
Jul 2017
   Nettie Farris The Inchworm Diaries Jul 2017
   Steve Leggett See that star? Jun 2017
   Catherine Zickgraf Long Line of Horizon Jun 2017
   Winston Plowes Hebden's Bridges (Random Act of Poetry) Jun 2017
   Helen Burke Football - The Religion May 2017
   Bob Carlton In The Cheap Seats May 2017
   Robert Beveridge Headwind Mar 2017
   Claude Clayton Smith Love Notes Mar 2017
   Swati Ghatpande       Moments Mar 2017
   Leah Mueller Glacier Feb 2017
   Karlo Sevilla You Feb 2017
   M.J. Iuppa Everyday, Relief Feb 2017
   Sasha A. Palmer CAST Feb 2017
   Duane L. Herrmann In Praise of Prairies Jan 2017
   Catherine Zickgraf Acrostic Joy Jan 2017
   Cathy Barber Gone Jan 2017
   Doug  Norris Third Life Poems Jan 2017
   Stephen Toft the surprising weight of a cloud Dec 2016
   Oz Hardwick The Firefox Suite Dec 2016
   Ethar Hamid Super Hair Dec 2016
   Chip Dameron At Paisano Ranch Dec 2016
   Nancy Jasper Commotion Dec 2016
   Tricia Marcella Cimera Boxborough Poems Nov 2016
   Jeff Ingram harmless poses Nov 2016
   Judy Heaney-McKee It's Time to Thrive: A mother speaks out Nov 2016
   Bill Sullivan Three Strikes Nov 2016
   Helen Burke Kidnapping the Last Happy Day Nov 2016
   Daniel Blokh The Wading Room Oct 2016
   Mark Danowsky Becoming Aware of the Tide Oct 2016
   Ana Prundaru UKIYO Oct 2016
   Robert Okaji No Eye But The Moon's Oct 2016
   Lori Lamothe endless after all Oct 2016
   Ho Cheung LEE of improvised song Oct 2016
   Miriam Sagan Lama Mountain Oct 2016
   Mo Soulis Foothills Sept 2016
   Neil Leadbeater The Hybrids of Heuchera Sept 2016
   Peg Quinn Moon Shadows July 2016
   Christina Sng A Constellation of Songs June 2016
   Helen Burke Climbing Trees June 2016
   JD DeHart Something Verdant June 2016
   Bob Carlton Home Openers June 2016
    Rick Henry Pennyweights June 2016
    JoyAnne O'Donnell Angels June 2016
    Martin Willitts Jr. The Restlessness of the Gardener June 2016
    Mark Danowsky Nightfallen May 2016
    Garrett Phelan Standing where I am May 2016
    Bradley McIlwain Holding On Apr 2016
    Tricia Marcella Cimera The Sea and a River Apr 2016
    Martin Willitts Jr. Observations Apr 2016
    Helen Burke Kaleidoscope Life Apr 2016
    Helen Burke Ringo's House Mar 2016
   Joan Leotta Dancing Under The Moon Mar 2016
   Jason Heroux Notes from the All You Can Eat Buffet Mar 2016
   ayaz daryl nielsen Proof of Love Feb 2016
   James Croal Jackson the vacant hinge of a song Feb 2016
   Nettie Farris Story Jan 2016
   Martin Willitts, Jr. Farming in Late Summer Jan 2016
   Donald C. Welch III The Post Atomic Sonnets Jan 2016
   Bobbi Sinha-Morey Aurora Dec 2015
   Bob Carlton Word Bent Light Dec 2015
   Regina Green Fjord Dec 2015
   Helen Burke A Certain Kind of Mist Nov 2015
  Martin Willitts, Jr. Letters to Sappho Nov 2015
   A.J. Huffman If I Had A Hammer... Nov 2015
   Mary Ann Mayer IVORY in Connecticut Nov 2015
   Tom Pescatore Meetings Oct 2015
   Kim Peter Kovac Desert Winds Oct 2015
  James Brush Six October Stones Oct 2015
  Cynthia Anderson Desert Time Oct 2015
  JoyAnne O'Donnell Tea Time Sep 2015
  Eugenia Hepworth Petty People Live Here Sep 2015
  Kik Skakel Williams Maud, My Best Layer Sep 2015
  Nancy Jasper Snorri: A Lament Aug 2015
  Veronica Matsuda Yellow Teacakes Aug 2015
  John Grey Excerpt from the Book Aug 2015
  Ariana D. Den Bleyker Unsent July 2015
  Howie Good When it Rains July 2015
  Sara Norja Watching the City July 2015
  Martin Willitts, Jr. Sappho Waiting for a Lover June 2015
  Guy Traiber Dried Hours May 2015
  Ethar Hamid An Afternoon May 2015
  Shree Gupta Redefined May 2015
   Laurie Kolp What You Left Apr 2015
   Robert Okaji You Break What Falls Apr 2015
   Valerie Nieman Glories Apr 2015
   Rhiannon Thorne Coyote & The Birds Mar 2015
   Jonathan Butcher Scattered Afternoons Mar 2015
   Nancy Jasper The Heart of Fado Mar 2015
   Helen Burke Once I Knew Mar 2015
   Harry Calhoun Beyond the Fold Feb 2015
   Abraham Ogebe Adonduwa The Traveller Feb 2015
   M.J. Iuppa Small Gestures Jan 2015
   Sandy Benitez The Lilac City Jan 2015
   Helen Burke Inside a Dog's Head Jan 2015

   Corey Mesler

Stone Dec 2014
   Martin Willitts, Jr. Silent Work Dec 2014
   Tom Pescatore A Hundred Million Memories Nov 2014
   Charlene Neely Soup Dreams Nov 2014
   Winston Plowes Extras Nov 2014
   Martha Clarkson In Between Oct 2014
   Ariana D. Den Bleyker Stitches Oct 2014
   Kathy Kroener In Full Purr Sep 2014
   JD DeHart Assembling the Moving Parts Sep 2014
   Doug Norris Beaches Sep 2014
   Steven Drenning Jr. Yours Aug 2014
   Lois Marie Harrod Nightmares of the Minor Poet Aug 2014

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