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Dealing with the World - Lawrence J. Krips

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Dealing With The World

            Lawrence J. Krips

Love it all –

the flowers,

the stones,

the men,

the old,

the self,

the stars,

the atoms,

the young,

the women,

the every age,

the every body,

hated and hateful ones,

rich ones and poor ones, 

risen ones and fallen ones,

the effervescent and depressed,

the spheres, squares and all shapes,

this very thing, the no thing, the everything.

Love them all as one as one is who they are.

Lawrence J. Krips © 2017

Lawrence J. Krips moved to the shores of Rhode Island after spending almost thirty-five years in and around New York City. Larry has publicly read his works in both New York City and throughout Rhode Island.  Larry’s musical group, "Mouthpeace" combines music with his poetry and has given several concerts. 

He is also involved in Thunder and the Bird, his work accompanied by Stephanie Marisca playing the gongs.  His book, A Soul's Way . . . Soulspeak, is available on CD.  You may contact Larry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Above photo 'Heart Cairn Family' is by Peter Mayer

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