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Somewhere on Earth - Wasan Qasim

Cairn Heart Family SMLR Pete Mayer






somewhere on earth

      Wasan Qasim


somewhere on earth
a lens is focused
on a human moment
in a time of distress

somewhere on earth
differences are forgotten
humility triumphs
power helps weakness

somewhere on earth
when others are fighting
wars, vicious and senseless
humans show kindness

somewhere on earth
someday in history
this picture will tell
the story of compassion


Wasan Qasim © 2017

Wasan Qasim is a freelance translator and writer who mostly writes poetry, nonfiction and flash fiction. She has a BA in Translation, a Bachelor in Professional Writing, and an MFA. Originally from Baghdad, Iraq, she currently lives in Vancouver, Canada.


Above photo 'Heart Cairn Family' is by Peter Mayer

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