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Kindness - Do Not Devalue Anyone

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KINDNESS - Do Not Devalue Anyone

            Lilly White

Do not devalue anyone in your life today.

We all have value and are valuable.

You might think you are powerful but this is fleeting

For we are all empowered by one another.

You may say “I don’t care” but the day will arrive when you realize

It was not about you.

We are a collective and what we say and do affects one and all.

If and when someone does say something to upset you, practice

Compassion , they might be grieving a loss you hope to never lose.

“Just for today, let the spirit of  kindness have you”

Lilly White © 2017

Lilly White was born on the Island of Newfoundland, Canada.  She and her Husband of 42 yrs started a family when she was the ripe age of 18. They raised two daughters and are now divine grandparents to six grandchildren.  She is the creator of ‘Breakfast with Soul’ (http://www.lillywhite.ca/breakfast-with-soul).


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