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Be Kind To One Another by Patricia McAlpine

 Startled Flight SML Helen Burke

Be Kind To One Another

    - Patricia McAlpine © 2017


This is how Ellen ends every show
It may seem cliché and so simple
yet also so hard. Fear hinders,
causes people to pull away
rather than embrace.
When a simple smile for a stranger
May be all it takes, some just walk away.

What is kindness, but showing gratitude
and love for one another, the golden rule.
Living together on this planet,
traveling together on this earthly journey;
we must overcome the fear thrust upon us
and be kind to one another.
Smile at the stranger sitting next to you
Write a poem, an act of kindness for the soul.


Patricia McAlpine’s poems have been published in anthologies including the New Hampshire Poetry
Society, Attleboro Cultural Council New Moon anthologies, Poetry Magazine.com and Echoes of the Heart, A
Poetry Anthology for Peace from 9.11 to infinity. She is an organizer of the Galway Kinnell Poetry Contest in
Pawtucket, RI in conjunction with the Pawtucket Arts Festival.

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Above image, 'Startled Flight,' is by Helen Burke


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